Sunday, May 6, 2018

Okie Traditionalist Interviews: Bishop René Gracida, of Corpus Christi, TX, about a Remedy for the Current Papal Crisis.

His Excellency, Bishop Rene Henry Gracida of Corpus Christi, Texas, gives clarification about an Article he posted on his blog last month on April 7th, which has since been circulated worldwide.  He is encouraging the Cardinals to take action to remedy the current papal crisis.

You can read the Article:  HERE.

Bishop Gracida of Texas was the first diocesan bishop to sign the "Filial Correction" presented to Pope Francis by Cardinal Raymond Burke and three other Cardinals, calling into question certain statements in the document Amoris Laetitia, in particular its policy of admitting public, unrepentant adulterers to Holy Communion.  

He is the retired bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, TX;  he also served as bishop of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL; and, he was auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Miami, FL.   He has been a bishop for 46 years, a priest for almost 60 years, was a Benedictine monk for 10 years, and served in World War II as a tail-gunner.  Being 95 years old next month, and dedicated to the daily celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, he is one of the most senior and traditional members of the hierarchy.  Here is a past video interview of Bishop Gracida:  LINK.

The Interview:


Dear Bishop Gracida, Your Excellency,

Thank you for your reply from down there in Texas, to me a blogger up here in Oklahoma, and thanks for considering my request for an online interview.  I would greatly appreciate any response you can give to my questions, and to readers worldwide, which you approve of before I post it.  


1.  In a recent article posted to your blog (LINK), which has since been read around the world, you supported the case that Pope Francis may not be a valid pope, and that the Cardinals themselves consider electing a new pope.  Was/Is your intention that the article might end up being read by Cardinal Burke, and other Cardinals, with the unique authority to directly confront the problem of the Francis pontificate?

Yes, that was and still is my hope. Since only the validly appointed Cardinals have the power to initiate a solution to the present crisis in the Church, it was and still is my hope that they will be encouraged by what I published to take the necessary steps toward a solution as was proposed in the post.

2.  In your experience these last weeks, how has the response been from the laity, priests, and other bishops - if any - both online and in the flesh?  Do you anticipate backlash from members of the hierarchy, or Rome?  Or even from Cardinal Burke himself?

There has been some response but not from cardinals. I do not really look for response from cardinals, I look for action on their part to initiate the steps that will lead to a special conclave. I do not expect them to publicize those steps, I expect them to move silently and discretely in order to minimize active opposition by the friends of Francis who are now firmly entrenched in the Vatican curia.​

3. Reading the argument, it seems the main basis and bulk of it is the contention the 2013 conclave broke conclave laws, enacted by Pope John Paul II, that would invalidate the election results.  It begins by discussing the issue of heresy and papal infallibility, but seems to not make those issues the main basis. There seems to be strong enough evidence that certain Cardinals of the conspiring "St. Gallican Group" did violate conclave laws, enough to at least now raise the question of the validity of Cardinal Bergoglio's election.  Am I correct in understanding this argument?  Is that the focus you are encouraging the Cardinals to take? 

Yes, that is the focus I am encouraging the Cardinals to take.​

4.  Since the word "heresy" was used in the article, perhaps you could speak to the question of how Cardinals, based on the tradition of the Church, can judge if a certain pope is guilty of actual "formal heresy" (vs. material), which would result in excommunication and loss of Office according to church law.  Can you explain what the Church says?  That is how the College of Cardinals can judge the pope to be an invalid pope, for different reasons, to the point of actually electing a new pope?

Even though Francis has made heretical statements, he has cleverly also made orthodox statements on the same subject thereby making it virtually impossible to define him as a heretic.  On the other hand, the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution ​UNIVERSI DOMINICI GREGIS (edit: you can read it HERE) promulgated by Saint John Paul II are clear, and Francis and friends have confirmed their violations of those provisions in the conclave of 2013.   Saint John Paul II provided for the penalty of AUTOMATIC EXCOMMUNICATION for any cardinal violating those provisions.  Reasonable people should have no problem agreeing that an excommunicated person cannot be elected pope.

Thank you again, Your Excellency, for answering these questions.   I also hope the reasoned Argument you posted, and your answers in this interview, will be read and considered by the Cardinals.

God bless,

Joseph Ostermeir
The Okie Traditionalist Blog


  1. Thanks for interview. Please read post (google:)"Francis was never pope call me not persuaded" by canon lawyer Dr. Peters which appears to go against Bp. Gracida post and this interview especially read "parallel places" meaning conclaves part. Please send to Bp. Gracida so he isn't blindsided.H e must pray for him and help him in anyway possible.

    1. Except that an excommunicated person can't be elected pope. In the end, this argument has to be considered by the Cardinals alone who have the authority to call a special conclave.

  2. We must pray for him and help him in anyway possible.

  3. To make an é, depress the ALT button, type 130, then release the ALT button.

  4. Exactly which cardinal in the current college is not automatically excom (including JP2)? Exactly which bishop is not excom? Unfortunately Bishop Gracida is also automatically excom since he has gone along w/allowing communicants to receive birth control, i.e. how many sterilized and artificial birth control users are currently receiving communion in the Diocese of Corpus Christi, TX? Does Bishop Gracida kiss the Koran w/JP2? Does he get the hindu dot on his forehead? What about worshiping w/Indian witch doctors or putting a figure of the Buddha on top of a tabernacle as JP2 did at Assisi? The only bishops JP2 excom were those bishops who consecrated bishops to carry on the traditional rite--how does gracida ignore that? Gracida is calling on the Novus Ordo (JP2) to excom Francis, as if Francis isn't a true son of the N.O. (Francis is the heretic who declared heretic JP2 a saint)--how do you ignore that?

    1. Only an imperfect Synod of Cardinals has the authority to judge a Pope, which is one exception to the rule about not judging a Pope, according to Doctors of the Church.

      This article explains how:

    2. so the same people who elected francis are going to judge francis--surely they are in favor of what he's doing (and gracida & you should know that so why purposely mislead the flock)? These same people who elected francis were appointed by JP2 just like francis himself was appointed by JP2 (and gracida & you should know that--so why purposely mislead the flock?).

      "Of the 115 cardinals who participated in the conclave that elected Pope Francis, 48 were appointed by Pope John Paul II and 67 by Pope Benedict XVI."

      "Pope Francis (r. 2013–present) has created cardinals at consistories in held at roughly annual intervals beginning in 2014. In his four consistories, he has created a total of 61 cardinals from 43 countries, 15 of which had never before had a cardinal."

      "Francis stacks the College of Cardinals"

      I am so sick of those who think they can keep kicking the can and not wind up in hell. Seriously, why didn't St Thomas More (surely laymen can't judge the king of england!) or St. Athanasius or St. Hilary do what gracida is doing?

    3. The article + Gracida posted already addressed the question of which Cardinals could consider holding a new conclave. The point is that the Cardinals do have the authority to do what one bishop is proposing. This blog is just one of many sites already discussing this.

  5. I believe Bishop Gracida is exactly correct and I do hope and pray this course of action is taken by at least some cardinals very soon, but prophecy does not support it. Yes, prayer and sacrifice changes things, but still the antichrist will take power and there is no mention of two false prophets to usher him in - just one. And he's on the Chair of Peter now.

    1. My hope is that Bishop Gracida's argument will be read by Cardinals in Rome, to consider what action to take, or at least consider the wisdom and fortitude of this senior prelate.
      Thanks to Canon212, that might happen.

  6. It's amusing to see Bishop Gracida cite John Paul II in a critical moment of crisis. Where was he and others when JPII was up to his antics with writings and actions against the faith - public and unrepentant actions? Oh, that's right. He is a so-called "saint" now. No need to worry about it.

    The point: Where you bishops back when JPII was doing horrific things against the faith? When Paul VI was letting everything go to hell? They are all 50 years too late, and their pseudo-saints won't save them now.

    1. Its never too late to for the hierarchy to remedy the crisis we are in, unless you don't recognize the validity of that hierarchy.

  7. Do you doubt the hierarchy is legitimate? Even amidst all the chaos, error, and crisis the hierarchy has never been invalidated. There have been plenty of scoundrels and heresies floating around in the past and it has never delegitimatize the hierarchy as a whole.

    However, the hierarchy alone cannot remedy the crisis - it will take prayer and penance firstly and most importantly.

    Secondly, my point is that if some random Bishop recognizes the present problem, they still don't recognize past problems with the post-conciliar agenda and pseudo-Saints like JPII. So, nothing will get remedied if they cling to other errors.

    A good and holy hierarchy, coupled with a flood of grace from good folks who prayer and do penance is the key.

    1. Fair points. No, I don't doubt the legitimacy of the current hierarchy.

      I would answer your points by saying the solution is on many levels, including a remedy at the level of the papacy. Yes, prayer and penance. Yes, keep calling to mind there is a false religion (modernism) that has become universal inside the Church.

      But also, the laity must publicly protest and even if necessary resist those who spread error in the hierarchy, even if that turns out to be the pope himself. But in the end, what must happen is that the papacy is restored, because when the shepherd is struck, so is the whole flock. That would include praying for conversion of Pope Francis, but also that his pontificate ends asap, by whatever legitimate means. Perhaps through resignation. The Revolution coming out of this pontificate is about to get exponentially worse. Lord have mercy on us.