Friday, January 13, 2017

"Catholic Man Show" Radio Program, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Interviews New Okie Trad Sam Guzman.

Its late Friday evening, and I'm puffing away on my new corn cob pipe, savoring some fine tobacco from Ted's pipe shop over in Utica Square, in Tulsa.  Some thoughts come to mind.

Catholic Men:

Catholic men need fellow Catholic men.  Not to compare the size of each others' wallets or egos, but to wrestle each other around a bit in sportsman-like fashion, to challenge each other to live up to the Catholic meaning of virtuous manhood, as exemplified in the life of Our Lord and his foster father St. Joseph.  Their humility, meekness, and justice is our ideal.

There's something about the bond between Catholic men, hashing out some issue of theology or politics while sharing a beer or smoke.  Disclosing domestic crosses, letting their hearts synchronize to the same slow beat of solemnity that comes with being providers and protectors, braving the brutal world of socio-economics.

Our blood runs thick together when we connect with Adam, Abraham, Moses, Our Lord, St. Joseph, and every manly, virtuous saint that's come down the pike of Church history.  We have an indefinable primordial need for fellow manly Catholic fellowship, to strengthen us in the Faith and in God's design for saintly manhood.

The "Catholic Man Show" of Tulsa:

So were my thoughts last night after listening to an excellent tradition-minded Catholic radio program aired here in Oklahoma, by two best friends and devout Okie Catholics, called the "Catholic Man Show."

The show airs Thursdays from 7-8 pm on 94.9 FM (or online here: LINK, with archived episodes)

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Adam and Dave.  Okie Catholics, hosts of the Tulsa-based "Catholic Man Show"

They do sound a bit millenial (me being more Gen-X) and at times novus (me being relatively more a rad trad)--to be honest--but in Chestertonian fashion they build their weekly program--about a very traditional Catholic topic related to manhood--around sharing a fine liquor and discussing clever gadgets useful to men.  Very manly and entertaining, I'd say. Their weekly discussions are refreshingly realist, ironically humorous, while whimsically musing on matters of faith and culture. Definitely a thumbs up from the Okie Traditionalist!

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And Okie Trad Sam Guzman of The Catholic Gentleman Blog:

Going back to last night, while driving across town in the cold and icy drizzle of Oklahoma in January, I caught the 7-8 pm Catholic Man Show, and was supercharged to hear their interview of a fellow Okie Trad Cat Blogger, and Latin Mass-devotee, namely Sam Guzman.  CLICK HERE

You may know Sam from his famed Catholic blog The Catholic Gentleman, by which, it seems, he's become a sought after voice on Catholic radio/TV.   You may have in fact run across his work in the last few days online, interviewing the famous Fighter Bas Rutten, now very openly a devout Catholic, who, like Sam, attends the Latin Mass!  Interview.

In the title to this blog post, I said "New Okie Trad," since Sam, his wife, and children recently and adventurously relocated to Oklahoma to live near Clear Creek monastery (Latin Mass).  He's now an Okie Trad, and I welcome him to Oklahoma, our Local Church, and the local Latin Mass community.

Okie Trad Bloggers Unite!  St. Joseph, pray for us!

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Yes, Okie Trad, all quite true!