Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My Predictions for November 3rd

I've been following debate lately on a trad Catholic forum about whether or not people think Trump is going to win.   I sense there is wishful thinking.   Trump, it is argued, has been a great president, he remains resilient, this time four years ago he was predicted to lose but he miraculously won, and surely he will contest the election if he loses.  Such is the line of thinking.  Trump is predicted to win, because well we desperately need him to win.

This is because we are at a pivotal moment in American politics, it is argued.

As readers here may recall, I am very pro-Trump, not anywhere close to being a never-Trumper.  I where my camouflage, re-elect Trump 2020 hat all over town, every chance I get, despite the rare positive comment or nod.   I think Trump was chosen by Divine Providence to fight the loss of whatever is left in the Christian West, despite his flaws.

But I do not think he is going to win, unfortunately.  This is a major tipping point from a two-party system of capitalism vs. socialism, to a one-party system of complete outright communism.  And I am of the mind that under Biden and his certain predecessors, we are looking dead-square at the Communist States of America.  I hope and pray I am wrong, but I am prepared for the worse post-November 3rd.  And here is why I am predicting Trump loses:

1.  Abortion, sodomy, transgenderism, whatever new perversion is coming down the pike, PC control of our thoughts and free speech, all these are still in full throttle.  Despite some inspiration from the Trump presidency, when I take the pulse of the nation circa September, 2020, the pulse is dim and irregular.   The American people just don't value enough anymore what Trump represents:  liberty, God, faith, family, and the sanctity of human life.  We are afraid, and addicted to our social media culture.

2. All of this explains what many trad Catholics describe as a Chastisement we are now entering into with the "Covid Pandemic" and economic crisis.

3.  The most independent polls keep predicting Biden to win.  

Bottom line I think is, we need to double down right now in prayer for the next 48 days, begging for God's mercy, but not to presume upon a miracle, but to prepare for more punishment for our sins.  Of course the election may be contested without resolution, and who knows civil war can break out, but I personally doubt this will happen.


Andrew said...

FWIW Joseph, I am also a Trump supporter and am much more hopeful. I live in an inland city of a, needless to say, deep blue west coast state. There is only one small pocket of my town where some Biden signs are to be found, the upper crust White Guilt neighborhood. All the rest is Trump. Trump car rallies around town, Trump flag waving events at the big freeway overpass when I drive home from Mass on Sundays. Everything is Trump.

The only, and I mean ONLY, thing Biden has going for him is that he's a supposedly folksy old tyme kinda guy with his Corn Pop stories. If that's really the case why the H-E double Hockey Sticks did he bring that horrible woman on?? Because he's incompetent and senile.

I think (not KNOW, obviously) that Trump will win. When I offer my daily Rosary, I offer it with the sense that victory will be secured by these recitations of the holy Rosary, not in the sense that victory will be barely obtained, by the thinnest of margins, or lost. All that said, I am reconciled to the opposite outcome and have done what I believe is sufficient to secure my family's life and my property in the event of some horrible dystopic near-future, at least for a time. Never-the-less, I am hopeful that the better outcome will occur.

Peace in Christ.


Joseph Ostermeir said...

Yes I’m praying too Trump wins, but I think it’s basically praying for a second miracle based on the reasons I listed. This time exactly 4 years ago, after being very confident Trump would win since he announced he was running, I was fairly certain by that time Trump was about to lose but he didn’t, so maybe this time around I’ll be wrong again. We’ll see in 47 days, or if there will be a contested election. In the end, God knows the outcome, I just think we need to be realistically prepared for what is likely.