Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday Morning Musings: Trad Forums, Trad Narcissists, Hobbies, Blue Hole Spring

Happy Saturday Okie Trads and Beyond. Yep, I’m still blogging. Took a little pause during the first wave of the covid crisis mass hysteria.  Plus had to reflect about the current state of the Catholic Blogosphere as discussed in my last post. One of the Catholic bloggers I think who is able to keep his blog within the definition of this new genre is Oakes Spalding over at Mahound’s Paradise, chiming in with insight and irony.  But he too seems to be taking some pause. 

Trad Forums

When us trads are on the outer margins of the secular culture, not to mention on the outer edge of the current Catholic Church, that makes us about 0.001% of the population.  So one thing we do is turn on our computer and start googling “traditional Catholics,” invariably landing smack dab in the land of trad Catholic forums like Fish Eaters, Suscipe Domine, or Catholic Info.   They’ve been invaluable sources of info for me on anything related to our Catholic Tradition and it’s preservation.  

But I never found them sources of fruitful (or adult) debate on serious religious issues that fellow trads already share common belief about.   Laramie Hirsch even converted his blog back in the day into a Catholic blog at first to respond to what he called an Echo Chamber of Group Think he found so intolerable for him that he started blogging in response to forum critics.  Every man needs a hobby or two.  Circular firing squad of narcissists, he’s said. 

I’d say 90% of posters do tend to be decent people able to engage in civil exchange of info and mutual collaboration among fellow believers and devotees to Tradition.  But the other 10% in my 20 year experience mostly lurking across forum land, with the occasional stints posting, tend to act like narcissists trying to dominate the space like it’s their own clique.  Vox Clamantis, owner of Fish Eaters, made a list of traits to characterize the online “toxic trad” not welcome to post there.   Traits like treating the Faith like a gnostic philosophy for a tiny elect. 

Kind of a distraction to daily life.  


Posting in trad forums was one of my hobbies as of late during the colder months, now taking a break until Christmas, but with summer upon us swimming, fishing, and the front yard garden beckon.    And when I say swimming, if you’ve followed my blog the last few years you know I’ve become a fan of Blue Hole Spring near Salinas, OK an hour east of T-town.  They’re on FB.  It’s an Oasis.  A must visit for any family nearby.  Yessir. You can fish there too. 

We bought some flowers and more herb plants for the front flower beds.  There’s something life affirming and relaxing to come home at the end of a hard day of work to the Mrs., and before dinner watering the garden, then sitting on the porch with a whiskey soda watching your plants grow.  Every man needs his hobbies. 


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