Thursday, March 19, 2020

10 Things I’d Rather be Doing than Staying Glued to the Media Talking about You-Know-What

1.   Eating lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet.  Ah snap, the city shut down sit-down eating out.  Something to look forward to once this Lenten mini-Chastisement passes. 

2.  My morning constitutional. Gastrointestinal health experts recommend a routine morning sit-down after awakening to stay regular.  But oh you know what, all the hysterics out there emptied the market shelves of toilet paper.   Guess I’m going to have to go third world. 

3.  Staying home in quiet.  Our twenty first century land of endless entertainment and pleasure has been reduced to Mayberry circa the 1950s.   Do we really need weekly outings to laser tag, malls, and spending more on eating out than on our retirement funds?    I’m enjoying the calmness of less traffic outside my door. 

4.  Reading about nice, everyday, pleasant topics beyond the mosh pit of the geopolitical news cycle.  Books about gardening, cooking, outdoor sports, classic novels.   Too much study of the unfolding of the end times does not make for a happy camper. 

5.  Going camping.  The Spring camping season is upon us.  Visions of steaks and eggs cooked in a cast iron skillet, with crickets cricketing away in the background, removed from larger society, and from You-Know-What.  

6.  Taking selenium, zinc, and vitamin C daily to augment the immune system.  Far more proactive than wringing our hands whining about the What-if of this situation.   Make a list what needs to be done to keep you and yours healthy, do it, and stop worrying.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and chill out with family.  

7. Prepping.  Same principle.  Stock up some food, water, and basic supplies and then sit back with a serene smile while the masses panic looking for things like toilet paper. 

8.  Praying the rosary.   So Francis called for us to pray a rosary about this.  Well, a broken clock is right at least twice a day. :).   Our Lady, pray for us. 

9.  Taking Peanut hiking on Saturday.   Have to work a few hours in the AM, but my little bundle of energy has as much cabin fever as me.   

10. Practicing flying my drone. Fun fun. 

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