Thursday, August 2, 2018

Francis' Teaching on the Death Penalty

So, let me get this straight.  If a third world prison is overflowing with violent criminals, according to His Holiness a first degree murderer who rapes his victims and never shows remorse, must receive life in prison, and never today the Death Penalty, no matter how humanely it may be carried out, because to do so would "violate the dignity of the human person"?   

In any country on Earth, no matter how extreme the circumstances?  Never, ever??  For real?

Instead they must be allowed to live in prison, absolutely always, even if they may murder and rape their fellow inmates?

If an ISIS terrorist were to behead a dozen Christian school children, and sit in his cell smiling awaiting his reward from Allah in heaven, according to Francis he absolutely cannot receive capital punishment, as a just, proportionate punishment, to deter future crimes, even if the murderer is quietly put to sleep with lethal injection.  Such an act is "inadmissible."   According to this pope, and the new catechism he today edited, there is now no circumstance in the modern world that could justify capital punishment.

I suppose we could write the CDF with these questions, but good luck with that.  Francis' new teaching is plain and clear enough.

Not if a prison is overcrowded, a country too poor to adequately imprison murderers and rapists, no matter how heinous the crime, or harmful it was to the victim's family and society.

So here in Oklahoma if a terrorist beheads someone (this actually happened somewhat recently), then according to the pope and new catechism, the Death Penalty would necessarily be sinful, inadmissible, unacceptable.   I would now be required by the pope to stop supporting the Death Penalty in my state.

While apostolic exhortations and catechisms are not strictly infallible, ordinarily we must give them religious submission.  In this crisis though we must resist every statement that contradicts the Faith.   

We traditional Catholics must resist another doctrinal error of a conciliar pope.  Great, thanks for that.  As if our consciences weren't already grappling with a long list of other doctrinal errors to be resisted.

All of this is part of the ever evolving conciliar Revolution, a reminder the enemy has taken over the papacy and the hierarchy today, that we must be faithful to Tradition, all the Popes, and to Eternal Rome.  

The Francis papacy forbidding all cases of the Death Penalty, is simply the Revolution marching forward shooting down one doctrinal truth after another.  They are trying to dismantle the entire framework of Tradition, not only on points of faith/liturgy/discipline, but now on basic fundamentals of Catholic morality always taught before by the universal Church.

Ok modernists, bring it on.   As for me and mine, we resist Francis' heretical errors, and hold fast to the Faith of the Scriptures and our Sacred Tradition.  Whatever apparent or real errors that invade fallible documents, that violently contradict the sensus fidelium, will be resisted and rejected.  Instead the Catholic truth will be studied, defended, and shared for the salvation of souls, for the love of God.

Praying God will convert Francis and his followers.

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  1. Agree completely. When Francis talks Satan rules. Let us pray for divine intervention--and ask God that it be soon.