Thursday, June 28, 2018

More Random Thoughts

Every person is an onion.   You really have to peel back the layers before you can even begin to understand them.   Their temperament,  personality,  personal life. 
In short,  we need real personal connections with eachother.   I think the final nail on the coffin of human relations,  replaced by transhumanistic,  existential absurdity,  was the advent of social media and the smartphone. 

Case in point.   I sat in the cafeteria for lunch today where I work.   I made eye contact and said hello to the people around me.   And after eating my lunch, I just sat back and watched the crowded room of people.   Most of the people were spending the majority of the time looking at their smartphone screen.   I don't expect a congress of philosophical discourse,  but every social interaction in the room was at best shallow and artificial. 

My dog Peanut.   Loyal,  obsessively attached to me wherever I go,  giving me deep,  longing looks every day,  locking eyes with me,  conveying genuine love.   Her will is not free,  but she has a will,  and ironically this little mortal animal is more genuine and caring than 95% of Homo sapiens I encounter in the mainstream. 

I remain mystified and detached.  I continue to work hard and progress.   But only the likes of poetry,  music,  whiskey,  and sitting in front of a fire can give clarity and perspective about the wasteland.

Can you relate? 


  1. Yes the self-imposed exile and isolation is sad to witness.

    Yesterday, my neighbor Bob, a good Catholic hardworking man who with his wife home-schooled his kids, dropped off his daughter to the busstop on US-9W for the hour run down to New York City, where I reckon she's a chef or some such as she went to culinary school. She was tappin' away on the cell when I passed by a moment later.

    This morning I saw Bob pass my house, driving her up there once more--this time she was tap-tap-tappin' in the passenger seat. How sad. They passed. Paw came rolling down the road a few minutes later, solo, and amidst a silence in the truck just like it was before.

    On your dog, I'm sure it's the greatest, but it's lookin' at you that way mostly 'cause you feed it. Let's not get overly sentimental, I've had good dogs too, but I don't believe they are in heaven. Who knows what thoughts that whiskey's conjuring up of an evenin', tho.

    Although in general I do agree with you on most things: e.g., most trads could use a few stiff shots once in a while, be it good whiskey, vodka or tq, especially on a Saturday night.

    Happy Peter and Paul!

  2. True dogs don't have a soul, but ironically they act more human than most humans today, is the point. We have disconnected our minds from the nature of things with technology to the point we are in a self-imposed exile, as you put it. Thanks for your thoughts Chris.