Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Midweek Observations from the Heartland

Thank God for AC.   Last summer was the lowest circle of purgatory driving around Tulsa without it;  this summer is heaven in comparison.   Our new car puts out arctic-like air.  Deo gracias.

The city of Tulsa is like a wild sea of idiocy.   I won't call my fellow Tulsans idiots,  but the daily life is simply,  plainly,  truth be told,  idiotic.  Case in point,  traffic.   1 out of 5 drivers makes driving across town an exercise in high level defensive driving and the local circumstance to develop heroic levels of the virtue of patience,  and the cardinal virtues that bind together all the particular virtues. 

Looking for an easier, more pleasant road to heaven, that guarantees your own Catholic world of justice and moral order?  Then I suppose you could try living in the deep woods near Clear Creek, which is very tempting. 

But Providence has placed us in the thick of idiocy,  incivility,  narcissism as the status quo,  and substandard practices almost everywhere in the market place. 
I shake my head at God once in a while,  with due reverence,  at the absurdity of living in today's world,  cursed everywhere, not only in the world of work, but in our own home,  social circles,  and churches (including trad). 

Is what it is, this life God gave us to work out.  Onward and upward. 

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