Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Michael Voris in Tulsa, Speaking On Religious Liberty. Somebody wake up Father! :)

Gotta love Youtube, despite all the political correctness that is trying to take over social media.  

In one sitting, you can watch the fun documentary about "Pope Francis" of Topeka, KS (popcorn worthy), a video made by a young Brit about how he made a primitive cabin in the woods using "bushcraft," and videos by Michael Voris over at

I like Voris.  He is one of the good guys.  It will be work like his that helps reverse the Crisis in the Church, one day. I hope. While my budget doesn't allow me to be a paying subscriber at the moment, there's all sorts of free stuff over at YT.

And then there was this whopper, Voris defending the Second Vatican Council's document on Religious Liberty here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attended by local trads from the diocese.  In a nutshell, Voris' stated polemical position is squarely to the LEFT of the SSPX (and Archbishop Lefebvre's analysis, btw).

VIDEO (2013):  Michael Voris speaking in Tulsa, OK
On Religious Liberty

As an aside, a frequent Okie trad commentator here at the Okie Traditionalist blog, whose name shall remain private, helped organize this event.

"Cracker Jack" advisor Fr. Paul Nicholson was also present to set the record straight, for traditionalists.   Inside joke for his past followers. :)

Photo care of AKA Catholic, aka Loui Verrocchio.

Which brings me to Time 20:40 - 20:58, in the upper right hand corner of the video, you see a possibly interesting if not comical contrast.  Fast forward below:

It is the famous Fr. Angelo Van Der Putten, an affiliate of the FSSP, and former member of the SSPX.  

Either he was sleep deprived from being the Energizer-Bunny in persona, that he is, or he was closing his eyes in silent, prayerful reserve towards Voris' position.  Or both, I suppose.  :)

I for one once asked Fr. V:  "What should we make of the doctrinal errors of Vatican II?"  to which he answered "Well, like the Archbishop advised, whatever is clearly orthodox we accept, whatever is ambiguous we accept in light of Tradition, but whatever is an error we do not accept."

So when I saw Padre nod off, I imagined what he might have been thinking, at least during that particular talk, about the most controversial element of the Pastoral Council, i.e. so-called Religious Freedom (vs. the traditional doctrine of Religious Tolerance):  "This is not what I learned in the seminary, Mr. Voris."

At any rate, Traddom will always have its different polemical positions about Vatican II, the New Mass, conciliar papal policy, how to respond to a heretical Pope Francis putative pope, etc.  

As I always say, while there is a time/place/method for dealing with differences, what matters most is that we traditional Catholics be united under the bi-fold source of church unity:  unity in the Faith, and unity under the divine government of the Church.  Wouldn't you agree?

So what do you all think?  Is Voris right, that ALL VII's statements on religious liberty are kosher, in full continuity with Sacred Tradition?

Remember when the OKC mayor allowed a Black Mass on city property a few years ago,  because of religious liberty? 

And the Catholic response,  including an SSPX public Mass of reparation? 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Bishop Gracida of Corpus Christi, TX, for Pope

Seriously.   The man has more testosterone and bravery than any of the Cardinals,  including Burke, to be frank, not to mention a lower BMI and better posture.

At 94, by all appearances he seems to have the physical health and mental clarity of a fit and productive man in his 50s.  He is certainly more healthy than most of the Cardinals who look obese and low energy in comparison

And he is a self-professed introvert like the 2/3rds of bishops today, he says,  except he decided to overcome the weaknesses that come with introversion,  and confront liberal bishops, to the point of "burning bridges."  Only a rare Bishop today is willing to stand up for the truth to the point of being "ostracized."

And he is the only Bishop yet to call into question the election of Cardinal Bergoglio in 2013, and suggest the Cardinals consider a new conclave to elect a Pope.

Oh,  and for years now he celebrates exclusively the Mass of the Saints.

But it will likely never happen,  unless Burke and his colleagues step away from the lecture stand and start organizing real action. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

If Cardinal Burke and the Other Cardinals Refuse to Impeach Francis

Gotta love Saturday mornings:

You can sleep in, kick back in your armchair with a Cup 'a Joe (mine has butter and coconut oil in it), log into Blogger, and let the stresses of the work week subside.  

I'm also readying myself to polish off a plate of Pizza Hut buffalo wings, which are the best.  Sliding back into my strictly low carb/ketogenic WOE (that's "way-of-eating" for all you not-horizontally-challenged folks out there), my clothes are definitely starting to fit more loosely.  

Later today, get the car washed, go to confession, and get my workout with an hour of hiking out at Brokeback Mountain (Turkey Mountain -- inside joke for us Tulsans).  Batteries are in serious need of recharge, before a heavy week next week.

Bishop Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi, TX, Added to My List of Favorite Bishops:

So this last week a very well respected bishop from Texas, one of the most traditionalist-minded bishops in the world (he now only says the Latin Mass), suggested Francis isn't pope, and that the cardinals look at electing another supreme pontiff.  Holy smokes.  Truth be told, I always suspected the same, ever since Amoris was promulgated, and we read the infamous Footnote 351, but this bishop tipped the scales for me.

Readers, I personally very much doubt that Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope in 2013.....I don't think he is the pope....It won't be a certainty until the Cardinals themselves make that pronouncement.  But I'm going to have to take down his framed photo from my hallway (which was a personal penance, reminding me to pray for the putative pontiff). 

                         There, I said it.

But I'm not a sedevacantist, in the traditionalist sense of the word.  John XIII through BXVI were valid popes.  Heterodox at times, scandalous, with varying degrees of detachment to our Catholic ecclesial tradition, in the wake of the Council.  But popes, I believe.  Compared to Francis himself, they almost look like pre-Vatican II popes, to me anyway, my point being the contrast itself shows how horrific the present pontificate is.

The Dubia Watch?  Been there, done that.  Time for Action.

Canon212 is still counting the days since Cardinal Burke, and three other Cardinals, issued their Dubia;  but the Dubia has decisively been punted out of the stadium by the Francis pontificate.  Burk seems too introverted or unwilling to shake the boat and do his final duty.  That's just my impression.  The thing is, it is a common opinion of the traditional theologians that only the Cardinals themselves can call an imperfect Synod to impeach a sitting pope, and elect a new one.  And there is no other Cardinal that comes even close to being the one to organize that, besides Cardinal Burke.

To prevent the downward descent of the Francis Revolution, via the watershed 21st century CDR-WAR heresy (communion-for-the-divorced-and-remarried-without-annulment-or-repentance), that task rests squarely on the shoulders of the American Cardinal Raymond Burke.  That is simply a fact of Providence, is it not?

If he sits on his hands, the Cardinals will too, is how I see it sitting here in my Okie Armchair this cool, Spring, Saturday morning.

Cardinal Burke's disposition comes across defeated and powerless.  That or he has Vitamin B12 deficiency.  Folks, the final statement his Rome Conference issued was clearly weak.  It didn't even come close to correcting Francis. It would seem he would rather protect his own peace of mind and involvement in publicly resisting what already is a Papal Schism, then do the duty God's Providence has laid in his lap.  

If Francis continues to sit on the Chair of St. Peter, in other words if he is not impeached and replaced, in other words if Cardinal Burke doesn't step up to the Tee Ball placed there this week by his brother American bishop, Bishop Rene Gracida, 

If we Lay Catholics in particular, using all the modern means God's providence has provided us, don't try and compel His Eminence to do his sworn, sacred duty, then:

The Next Phase of the Francis Revolution will mean:

1. Systematic programs, diocese to diocese, parish to parish of officially allowing Eucharistic sacrilege.  

2. A deepening erosion of marriages in the Catholic Church.  More Catholics will divorce and remarry, without grounds for annulment, and still be admitted to sacramental communion with the Church.  It will be an official, disciplinary rejection of Church teaching on marriage and divorce, and worthy reception of the Blessed Sacrament.  It will be heresy.  

3.  The next phase will be to bless Civil Unions in the Church, diocese to diocese, parish to parish.  Blessing ceremonies, full inclusion in the sacraments, without any sign of repentance, liturgical ministry, full embrace of
one of the sins that "cries out for vengence from God."  

4.  A new torrential Flood of heretical disciplines and loss of Catholic morals will sweep over the Church.  It will go beyond the false spirit of Vatican II;  it will be a new paradigm of Revolution.  It already is.  

5.  Countless more souls will be lost.  The natural law cannot be denied by anyone. 


1.  Let faithful Catholics charitably confront Cardinal Burke.  Implore him, encourage him to ask God to transcend the limitations of his own temperament.  This is what Bishop Gracida, a professed Introvert (an INFJ like myself, which is rare), observes about most orthodox bishops -- they are introverted yet do not try and overcome the weaknesses that come with introversion in defending the Faith.  

2.  Let the Catholic Blogosphere shift its criticism away from Francis towards Cardinal Burke.  Enough talk about Francis.  It's urgently time for action.  

3. Let nothing be grey and up in the air.   As the Schism deepens, we must clearly choose sides, because the line has already been drawn across the sand.  Here in the Tulsa Diocese, as an example, the Bishop must side with public resistance to Francis' errors.  The FSSP and Clear Creek monks must support the orthodox stance of Cardinal Burke, et al officially.  

May Cardinal Burke call the Cardinals together to end this present crisis.  God's Will be done.  Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

*** THREE *** Days since The Okie Traditionalist Emailed Cardinal Burke His DUBIA about Organizing a New Conclave, On Behalf of the Laity

His Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Burke
at Clear Creek Abbey 
Hulbert, Oklahoma

Preface:  well, Cardinal Burke didn't get an answer to his Dubia he sent Francis 570 days ago, and it's very uncertain what his next action will be, if any.  So I figure if a Cardinal can question the Pope above him, and expect an answer, then we the Laity can write our own public Dubia to the good Cardinal above us and likewise expect an answer about what he is, or is not prepared to do.  So here goes, one can only try I suppose!  I'm emailing this through his Official Website and leaving it up at the top of the blog as a running story.  I'd be much obliged if someone somehow can make sure His Eminence reads it.  This is Day Zero, and counting.  Updates will follow!


Dear Cardinal Burke,

You may have already read that Bishop Rene Gracida, the retired bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas, has just this week strongly suggested that the Chair of St. Peter is empty, calling for the Cardinals to consider a new papal conclave.  LINK.  He argues that Francis was "probably" invalidly elected because Pope John Paul II's conclave laws were broken; and, secondarily because of the many errors against the Faith taught by Francis.

He actively served as a Bishop for 26 years before retirement, has been a priest for almost 60 years,  and is a World War II Veteran. 

And, in an interview with Michael Voris of, Bishop Gracida said the burden is actually on us laity to confront the hierarchy of the Church about the present crisis, hence this open letter to you from Oklahoma.  He also said the decision will have to come from the Cardinals to elect a true Supreme Pontiff.

Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida
Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas
How we the Laity should Respond

With all due respect, Your Eminence, we the Laity, who are at the mercy of the Hierarchy, can no longer quietly wait for you to directly confront Francis and his supporters in Rome.  We are now confronting you, in charity, to act now, using your particular authority and reputation as a Cardinal to protect our Holy Mother the Church.  

Since only the Cardinals can remedy the present papal crisis, and since you are the main Cardinal who has led resistance to it, then in God's Providence, Cardinal Burke, the terrible duty rests on your shoulders to lead them in this work.   How could God's Providence not be interpreted in that way?  

I am hearing from my fellow, faithful Catholics dismay and grief for your past hesitance to issue the Formal Correction.  As much as it would take courage for Francis himself to answer your dubia, to set aside his scandalous, personal opinions, and confirm us in the Catholic Faith, likewise it would take courage from you yourself and all the Cardinals to carry out your duty.

As you once presented an unanswered Dubia about Francis' now clearly manifest rejection of Church teaching, I, one Catholic blogger here in the Heartland, am presenting this Dubia to you, on behalf of my fellow Catholic Laity:

Cardinal Burke, faithful Catholics are asking, when will you take the necessary steps to organize the Cardinals (i.e. those who really possess that office) in impeaching Francis, and properly electing a valid Pope? 
How long must the Church keep descending more deeply into this sacrilegious crisis, while the Revolution of Francis and his faction keep tearing down the Magisterium and discipline of the Church?  
For how much longer can the Cardinals, who alone have the authority to impeach a putative pope and organize a new conclave, keep sitting on their hands while Christ's Mystical Body is crucified on the Cross before our eyes?

Your Eminence, have courage!  Our Lord is on your side, as are millions of faithful Catholics, including many bishops and priests.  When you decide to act, you will have our full support. You have Cardinals Brandmuller and Zen standing with you, in particular, and I am sure many more members of the College of Cardinals are morally behind you, who will join you in taking action.

This would not be the first time in Church history that one Prelate in particular was called to help save the Church from ruin.

I admire your dedication to your special vows of obedience to the pope, as a cardinal and member of Opus Dei.  But you took them first and foremost to God Himself.  Your allegiance is to all His Vicars, including Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  

In the true spirit of obedience, for the love of God please do your duty and publicly resist the current claimant, i.e. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, before the current crisis becomes exponentially worse.  


Joseph Ostermeir
The Okie Traditionalist Blogger 
Tulsa, Oklahoma

P.S.  To reach me, my email is:

Onward and upward.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Texas Bishop Suggests the Cardinals Consider a New Papal Conclave

FIRST Bishop to say this.  From Texas just to the south of us Okies, no less. 

Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida

94 year old retired Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi.  In excellent health.  Interviewed last year by Michael Voris.

Says the TLM. 

Here is his argument. Click HERE.

In a nutshell,  he suggests Bergoglio's election was invalid because it broke church law about papal elections,  based on John Paul II's new conclave laws that prevent breaking of conclave. 

Not to mention, Bergoglio's heretical statements,  he says. 

Francis' Cardinal appointments would be invalidated (I suppose his bishop appointments too...hmm) ,  and the one's who conspired to elect him would be excommunicated,  per JPII's legislation. 

Solution?   He says the remaining valid Cardinals would have to call a new conclave to elect a new pope.

Cardinal Burke,  the tee ball has just been placed on top of the tee.   We need you to step up to the plate.

As in now. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Concerning Google Review of SSPX Chapel in Oklahoma City

(UPDATE: no email response yet from their parish, but I did post something conciliatory in the Google Review. Click on the first link below) 

We've been thinking to take a road trip to OKC sometime soon, to include a visit to St. Michael's Chapel, where the Society of St. Pius X offers the Latin Mass. So I was checking out their website for Mass times and directions, when I first came across a rather disconcerting public Google Review of their chapel, when I googled "SSPX Oklahoma City."  Which I thought appropriate for discussion.

(You can click on her name to view her Google profile, with more photos.  Apparently she is quite the foodie, writing several, fair-minded reviews about OKC restaurants.)

Marlene Puente
a month ago

Everyone was very cold. Except one nice old lady with a
tracheotomy. She even whent to get me a head cover
and im sure it took alot out of her to do so. If looks could
kill I'd be dead. Those men wanted me gone the second
I walked in. They weren't ashamed to show it. I felt
unsafe and one thing for sure God is not there at all.

Yikes.  The images of the scene she describes, that come to mind reading this review, leave me, how shall I say...speechless. 

Being the concerned kind of personality I am, especially for damsel's in distress, I emailed the Coordinator using their chapel email address on their website, suggesting they contact Ms. Puente (is that a Hispanic name?) to offer some kind words after her experience, and consider posting a reply, saying something conciliatory at least.  

I am waiting for a response...

My main reasoning is that for months, or even years in the future, countless people who are interested in the Latin Mass in OKC, whether at the Society or the Fraternity, will often first come across this objectively scandalous review. 

Nonetheless, this blog post will come and go in a matter of days.

The same kind of public relations could even be necessary at some point, I suppose, on this side of the state, to promote Catholic tradition on Google Review, Trip Advisor, and the like.  Any visitor of say Most Precious Blood in Tulsa (FSSP), for example, could get on Google and write a review, though from personal experience I suspect most or all would be glowingly positive. 

Oh I just checked, there are actually very positive reviews of MPB already on the ubiquitous, all-seeing eye of Google:  LINK.   

Google is going to become even more ubiquitous as we go.

True, there will always be anti-traditionalist types that come to the TLM, and peel out in the parking lot after Mass driving home, angry at the "oppression" they imagined there. 

But I didn't get that impression from this reviewer/visitor in OKC.  Did you?

That said, I have to say St. Michael's in OKC has been for several decades, a beacon of traditional Catholicism, in terms of preserving the traditional Mass and doctrine, having been served by both the FSSP and SSPX.  I have known a number of their members over the years and can vouch for their personal character.  And the chapel itself, their weekly liturgies, and the pastoral setting of the place, makes it an idyllic, hidden traditionalist oasis, in the west OKC suburb of Bethany.

Yet, reading this Google Review I have to admit I was quite taken aback, but frankly not surprised.  It does come across at least somewhat sober and level-headed, and I interpret the last part "one thing for sure God is not there" as hyperbole.  She did not personally experience the presence of God in a peaceful way that day, due to her painful experience.

For all we know, she was screaming profanities at the people, or dressed like a street hooker, but I seriously doubt that.   At any rate, even a street hooker can dress modestly.  :)

I hope she was not so burned by the experience to never want to attend the traditional Mass again.

And that future readers will not be scandalized.
This blog post will come and go quickly, but I think that major review will likely stay there for months or even years.

If you would like to also respectfully express concern, here is their chapel email:

  Well said, my son.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Okie Traditionalist Challenges fellow Okie Trad Blogger Laramie Hirsch: "Alt-Right, Rad Trad" Apologist, Sir Charles Coulombe (indirectly) Helps

Preface: I believe many Okie Catholic readers have associated this blog with that of fellow Okie Trad Blogger Laramie Hirsch, the author of The Hirsch Files.  He now has a new blog called The Forge and Anvil.  We agree on many things, especially on preserving our Catholic tradition, but take opposing views on a variety of subjects, worthy of debate.  Such is life.

The second half of this post discusses Sir Charles Coulombe's Podcast on the Alt Right. 


Well, I haven't received a reply yet from Hirsch about re-engaging this debate from a year ago, on our blogs.  Darn it.  I know he is very busy, as I am. No worries, I'm sitting up late ruminating and reflecting, sipping some diet Coke, before he gets back to me.  I hope.  

But I did notice a comment this week on his new blog (not me, I pinkie swear) saying:

Haven’t you distanced yourself from the Alt-Right brand? Do you no longer buy into the 16 Points? Okie Traditionalist re-posted an old article saying you’re trying to convince Catholics to be Alt-Right.

The reader must be thinking of his recent comments about traditional Catholics and the Alt Right:

But to my surprise, when I attempted to discuss the Alt-Right with my fellow Traditional Catholics in the beginning of 2018, they also blew off the Alt-Right as a group of neo-Nazis. I was shocked at the ignorance of my colleagues. Have they not kept up with things as I have? ...

Yet, at the end of the same post, Hirsch surmises:

Will I continue to proudly claim to be Alt-Right in the future? I’m not so sure anymore. Some people such as Vox Day continue to hold onto the brand, as they’ve invested a lot into it. I know that I have certainly talked it up in public and with friends. However, as I sometimes say, I’ve made mistakes before.

Yes, The Okie Traditionalist Knows Laramie Hirsch, a fellow Okie Trad: 

The thing is, I've personally known Hirsch for over two years in the flesh, and probably since 2013 in the trad forums online, and have collaborated in the past on blogging stories.  

But I feel this disagreement is worthy to be engaged because he has made the Alt Right (and associated movements MGTOW, Game Theory, etc.) central to his weekly articles and outlook.  So I'm challenging him in charity, as a Catholic, and because Hirsch does have quite a following of Catholics who read these opinions.

The well-followed Chicago-based blogger Oakes Spalding of Mahounds Paradise has us both linked in his list of favorite blogs. Thanks Oakes.

Hirsch spreading his Alt Right Message to Traditional Catholics:

Recently Hirsch posted to Catholic Info forum his blog post promoting the Alt Right, and elsewhere on FB, etc., saying to a fellow traditional Catholic who challenged him:

As for us...the Alt-Right can teach us to be the vicious political animals we need to be again.

Vicious political animals?  Again?  Catholics used to be "vicious political animals?"  Catholic immigrants to this country - my ancestors -typically interacted in politics in a "vicious" way?  As "political animals?"  I would be very interested to read from what American history book  Laramie got this information, Catholic or otherwise. Or is he thinking of the Hollywood movie Gangs of New York?

Incidentally, I would be remiss if I did not gently admonish Laramie when he spoke mispoke on another CI thread:

My philosophy, if you stumble upon your enemy's AK47, pick it up and use it until it runs out of ammunition.

Knowing Hirsch fairly well, I can't believe this is really his position, in his heart of hearts, but more a reflection of typical Alt Right bloggers he follows daily, like the secular Vox Day who disagrees with Our Lord on at least one major point:

43 You have heard that it was said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour and hate thy enemy.[6] 44 But I tell you, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who persecute and insult you, 45 that so you may be true sons of your Father in heaven, who makes his sun rise on the evil and equally on the good, his rain fall on the just and equally on the unjust. 46 If you love those who love you, what title have you to a reward? Will not the publicans do as much? 47 If you greet none but your brethren, what are you doing more than others? Will not the very heathen do as much? 48 But you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect

(Matthew 5: 43-48)  emphasis mine

In the same CI thread, Hirsch tried to legitimize the Alt Right movement by citing Pat Buchanan as a traditional Catholic Alt Righter that he respects.  But try and do a long, extensive google or yahoo search, of articles going back many years.  You will discover the fact that Buchanan himself does not identify with the Alt Right;  rather some in the Alt Right claim he is one of them.  No other well-known traditional Catholic online, or in the flesh, actively supports this online phenomenon.

Except for Laramie Hirsch, from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

On the Contrary, Sir Charles Coulombe's Criticisms of the Alt Right, an Excellent Podcast:

In fact, after Hirsch told me he was writing a book as a kind of bridge between traditional Catholics and Alt-Righters (half of that equation at least would be noble, I'll concede that), about a year ago I asked the very well respected Sir Charles Coulombe (whose books converted Hirsch to Catholic monarchism) his thoughts on the Alt Right.  Interestingly, he did a Podcast a few months later on the Alt Right, aired on Veritas Radio Network, interviewed by traditional Catholic author Br. Andre Marie, MICM of The St. Benedict's Center where he is Prior.

Brother Andre Marie himself, a very high level thinker by the way, begins by saying the Alt Right is at heart reactionary, and more defined by what it is against than what it is clearly for.  He recognizes it as a "Big Tent," but underlines "deeply flawed ideologies" of its main leadership, which some Catholics are falling into.  (Time 4:00 - 06:30).  Later he says "I find the movement repulsive on a purely intellectual level," while sympathizing with some similarities it has with the Old Rite of once Catholic Europe.  His opinion alone is very sound and authoritative.

This is an excellent and very informative talk, but here are the main criticisms from Coulombe about the Alt Right, which I challenge Hirsch to consider and address.  I'll list them as I listen to the podcast, pausing to type them out.

Charles Coulombe's Criticisms of the Alt Right:

1.  Racism and anti-Semitism are serious moral problems in the Alt Right, those terms understood in the Catholic sense.

2.  From a Catholic perspective, it tends to "deify" "lesser things" of the world, especially race, ethnicity, and nationalism (Time 34:00 - 35:12).

3. He agrees with Br. Andre that the Alt Right does not respect the role of Black Americans in our history and culture.  (Time 54:00ish - 55:25).

4. And that Eugenics is a serious moral problem, in the sense used by Alt Right leaders in general (vs. the Catholic view of it).

5. And about their common love of Machiavelli, Nietzche, and Darwin in particular. "Regurgitated, German, 19th Century garbage," he completely agrees.

6.  The Alt Right makes religion a mere tool or means to political ends, rather than an end in itself, and Catholic Christianity is not necessarily the true religion for those purposes.

How then can a Catholic, in good conscience, seriously support the "Alt Right" movement?

We can't.


Hopefully Hirsch will find this debate worthy of his time, from a fellow traditional Catholic blogger, and Okie no less.  Time will tell.  If/when I do a podcast with Sir Charles, as we have discussed, this could be one topic to cover. 

That said, I did find Hirsch's defense of Church Latin, in his OnePeterFive article, to be fascinating and superb.  Click HERE.

As Laramie likes to say, Toodles!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Fundraiser for St. John Cantius' Fr. Frank Phillips Legal Fund. PLEASE HELP


I got an email asking for help with this worthy cause,  after I joined trad blogger Oakes Spalding up there in Chicago in reflecting on the already national story.

Here is the link,  where you can donate to help this impeccable traditional priest:

Help keep Father in his apostolate,  so he doesn't become yet another exiled traditional priest.   Help protect the good name of the Canons Regular of St.  John Cantius (they offer the TLM)  he founded.