Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mohawk Park in Tulsa

Last Saturday we had a BBQ at Mohawk Park, on the north side of town near the city zoo,  and I wanted to share the experience for anyone who lives in or near T-town.  I think it's definitely a Must-Visit at some point on your family timeline.  Something I'd categorize as a "local secret gem."  Like Oklahoma,  it's on the plain side,  but if you look between the cracks,  there's plenty of beauty and recreation opportunities there. 

First,  the basic facts about the place. I believe it's off 36th street,  the entrance on the north side of the road.   You can get to 36th street like you are going north to Owasso on 169, or to Bartlesville on 75.  Probably about 10 minutes from the city scape. 

A winding road takes you maybe a half mile or a full mile north and to the east,  to Oxley Nature Center,  a museum about the outdoors with a nature preserve and hiking trails.   About half way through the park on your left is the entrance to the zoo,  open year round, after which the road splits, taking it to the left, you'll pass a rock-climbing wall and wrap around Mohawk golf course.   Tucked away in a small golf course neighborhood is a really neat,  country-esque, cabin-like Knights of Columbus lodge, which is very active with excellent Lenten Friday fish-fries. 

Back to the park,  what is so cool about the place,  to me,  is the very wide open space immersed in pure nature that really stretches far,  plus what is really extraordinary are several large,  open-aired cabins with indoor picnic tables and fireplaces.   The park closes at 9pm, so you and your family can enjoy a camping-like daytrip there. 

We showed up late,  so I didn't have enough time to gather firewood before dark, but we had an amazing barbeque.   Me,  if I could,  I'd add Barbeque Master Chef to my resume.  :)

Let's see we had 6 meats: chicken breast,  chicken legs,  pork chops,  brats, thick smokey bacon,  steak.   There was then enough heat left from the coals to grill 9, count 'em 9, vegetables:  potatoes,  onions,  red/yellow/orange bell peppers, a tomato, corn, a zucchini,  and a yellow squash.   All just with a dash of EVOO and s/p.


Top 5 Things I love about Mohawk Park:

1. So close to the city,  but so immersed in nature.   Great way for city-slickers to commune with creation. 

2. Those cabins.   Really neat looking.  And free! 

3. So many activities in one place. 

4. The little river that runs straight through the park.   I fished a bit,  but didn't catch anything, but a coworker swears he's pulled some sizeable fish from its waters. 

5.  Part of Tulsa tradition.   Families have been picnicking there since it was built in the 1930s.

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