Wednesday, November 15, 2017

About to Do a Podcast Series about Thomism

Just got home from enjoying some pizza and wine with a group of gentlemen,  which I am new to, and I'm inspired by a talk I heard
which relates to my vocation.

And I wanted to announce I'm planning a series of 10 fifteen minute podcasts discussing Philosophy,  according to St. Thomas.   I'm thinking to do one every few days,  or at least once a week,  and to post here.

It'll be me sharing my love of wisdom and St. Thomas.   And you guys will get to hear my real voice!  :)  Should be fun.

1. Intro
2. What is philosophy?
3. Bio of St Thomas
4. Logic
5. Cosmology
6. Philosophical psychology
7. Ethics
8. Political philosophy
9. Metaphysics
10. Thomistic revival.

Guten nacht meine freunde!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Common Problems in Marriages. Solutions.

I recall sitting in a pew hearing a sermon from a traditional priest how marriages between traditionalist Catholics have a relatively high rate of divorce, not dissimilar to secular marriages.

And I also recall driving the same priest across town and talking about this subject.  As I recall, he said that basically the problem on the male side is that men put work and money first as their foremost priority, and fall into bad, immature habits.  Basically addictions:  addiction to work/alcohol/video games/eating/you name it.  On the female side, they fall into the attitudes of feminism.  They often partly reject the traditional roles of a woman as being subordinate to their husbands, but often end up wearing the pants in the relationship.

That was one priest's take.  Do you agree?

I have my own opinions from being a married man.  The pressures of society to have a certain material level of financial success are enormous.  Those are inhuman, transhuman, unnatural physical forces that the male psyche is not designed to conform to, and still maintain a state of peace, harmony, stability, and order.  At first glance, those last words might seem effeminate.  They are not.  From a traditional Catholic persepective, they are manly.

And at the same time, women feel the burden of living up to the  modern, American socio-economic ideal, in order to make friends in the church and community, and to gain much needed emotional support as mothers and wives.  They are pressured to worship at the same altar of $ as men.  And if the man shows imperfections which suggest he might not be quite up to speed to secure a steady flow of modern comfort and convenience, then those faults can be easily targeted, even if he is hard-working and responsible.

The work place, as is every sphere of society today, is being more and more ruled by social Darwinism.  And Darwinism is a false science and philosophy.  At its heart, it denies an all loving Creator who rules over us with an all wise, and providing Providence.  Whereas the Catechism instructs families to be open to as many children as God and nature sends, as long as they are working, being responsible, and trusting in God's Providence, the modern society of 2017 places its trust in the same exact things man has always been tempted to place there trust in--the world.  St. Augustine tried to warm us about the difference between the City of God and the City of Man.  And Our Lord taught that one thing that controls and rules over the hearts of ungodly men is the disordered emphasis on $.  Not $ itself, but on a disordered emphasis on it.

The world says we must "live to work," rather than "work to live."  The modern way is to serve the collective.  In the end, it doesn't matter if that collective is the socialist state, or a capitalist beehive of greed and material excess.  The false god is still the same. 


I defer to what the Church has been saying these last millennia.  She says to pray the daily rosary, consecrate the home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to participate in Catholic Action (especially through the parish), and to order the family life towards religion.  To make religious practices such a prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, or doing the spiritual and corporal works of mercry, a priority over the pursuit of a six-figure salary, the newest I-phone, or materially impressing friends and acquaintances.

But I offer my own ideas for what they are worth.  And I will just speak to the men, being a guy.  Guys, this includes me, we must get to the center of reality in our daily lives:  prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  Those sacrifices will only strengthen us, and in the end also help us in our careers and material goals.  Our model should be St. Joseph, who was a very quiet, hard-working man, constantly praying and making sacrifices.

Here's praying I myself can become a better man, and husband!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Up here at Arnie's Irish Pub Pondering Cigars vs. Pipes

Took a half day off from work to partake of the Feast Day.   That'd be the Feast of All Saints to all you non-papists or fallen away Catholics out there.   And thanks to Mark in the Comments box in the Kilkenny's post for recommending Arnie's Irish Pub downtown.   I'm sitting here for a spell before heading over to Mass.  The old Tridentine, that is. 

And guys,  this place is just awesome.   Kilkenny's is to Arnie's 
as central heat is to a wood-burning, potbelly stove.   It's as real as it gets.  No trendy,  hipster millenials here. Just Salt of the Earth people with all their flaws, which reminds me of the Irish.   Oh,  and they allow smoking,  for all you Tolkien Trads who love your cigar or pipe. 

Cigar or Pipe? 

Let's crack our knuckles and compare and contrast.   The cigar. 

They range from Swisher Sweets all the way up to your Cubans.   The cigar conjures up the hallowed image of the business elite making the toughest,  highest tier decisions in a smoke-filled room late a night.   The pipe reminds me of Gandalf sitting by the fire musing about the different kinds of humanoid beings in Middle Earth. 

I imagine that the Cigar fits well your Salesman,  with an expense account,  and a healthy bank account.   There is something symbolic about cigars and $$$.

It seems the cigar is a symbol of financial success. 

On the other hand,  I imagine the pipe fitting well the quiet, melancholic,  intellectual.   The teacher,  therapist, or  priest type. I
 don't know why.  But if I were to think of Chesterton, Lewis,  and Tolkien hanging out in a London pub (did those 3 ever get together I wonder),  I just can't imagine them smoking cigars as much as pipes. 
Maybe Chesterton would have pulled out a cigar. 

I'm more a pipe kind of guy I guess.   I mean,  as ya'll know from my posts asking for help with a laptop--and most recent one about a much needed new armchair (please,  pretty please) --my wallet is kinda thin right now.   A couple $5 bags of good quality pipe tobacco from Ted's Pipe Shop in Utica Square does me just fine.   

Reflects the Hierarchy of Life on Earth. 

Not my idea,  but God decided the world of Nature--and Human Nature which flows from it--is a Hierarchy.   A dog has higher value in the eyes of God than an amoeba.  Both are good,  but if excellence in design corresponds to being like unto God and thus superior to that which is less like God,  then sentient, thinking, feeling beings are superior to single-celled organisms.   Of course. 

And so too in the Human Kingdom. You've got your aristocrats (unfortunately today mostly devolved into a state of oligarchy), 

and your Common man.   God's design, not mine,  no sir.   Among common men,  you have the professions and trades,  both of which traditionally gave modest pay.   Until the second part of the 20th century,  for example,  doctors were at best middle-class. 

And so you will always have your smoke-filled rooms of cigar-smoking,  club member,  aristocratic (bad version = oligarchic) financial elites,  and your Common man who smokes pipes and cigarettes and drinks cheap Whiskey. 

Happy Feast of All Saints Fella Okie Trads!