Monday, October 30, 2017

Up Here at Kilkenny's

Worked late tonight.   Hanging out in a quiet booth at Kilkenny's Irish Pub in Tulsa (I'm half Irish-American and half German), drinking a Bud Light and eating bangers and cheddar cheese.   Just finished an Irish Whiskey. 

Lately ponderings.  Need to review how to take Max advantage of obtaining Indulgences during All Souls-tide, if that's a word.  Scroll down to read my post about Indulgences.    I'm thinking on All Souls Day you can gain 3 (!), under the usual conditions as it were, applied to the Poor Souls only

Tomorrow is Halloween.   I can imagine some Catholic mothers 
worried if Trick-or-Treating is a near occasion of sin.   Well this is one of the, as I call it,  trad theological errors, if you ask me.   It's a fine line,  but you CAN do Halloween in a traditional Catholic way, imo.  

One alternative to the psychopathic horror show that is secular Halloween, is the All Saints Day Party. 

And guess what?   We Okie Trads
in the Diocese of Tulsa of Eastern Oklahoma (new name! Btw, I often refer to our Local Church that way), have TWO All Saints Day Parties coming up! 

1.  After next Sunday Mass at MPB, I hear. 

2.  A week later--on a Saturday-- at a SSPP family's house.  (email me if you'd like an invite). 

Happy All Hallows Eve, fella Okie Trads! 


  1. Love Kilkenny's! My second favorite bar in Tulsa. My #1 favorite? Arnie's Bar of course!

    1. Hi Mark. I've never been to Arnie's. What's it like there?

  2. It’s on E 2nd street Downtown. Been there forever. Many a lost soul, and I’ve evangelized at least two people in there over the years. Dark and smoke filled, the way a dive bar should be. Try it!

  3. Hmm, I think I shall try it out. Nice to be able to smoke there too, a cigar or my pipe.
    Hope to meet up with some readers again for a whiskey and to talk faith and life.
    Someplace relatively quiet, with a really good bartender (the old-fashioned kind who you can talk to about all your woes), and attractive classy waitresses (the kind who nurture your manhood in exchange for a generous tip). Does such a place exist in Tulsa??