Saturday, October 7, 2017

Peanut: My Backpacking Buddy

It was almost exactly two years ago to the day, that I took with me my backpacking buddy, on a backpacking trip on a loop trail by Greenleaf Lake State Park, southeast of Muskogee. Greencountry, as we call Northeastern Oklahoma.  About an hour or so southeast Tulsa.  "Backpacking buddy" is one of the nickname's I give for my "Man's-Best-Friend" named Peanut, a five-year old, black female Dauchshund, who, true to her breed, loves to tunnel under blankets and chew anything that is chewable.  On our outdoor adventure, she loved  carrying the little fanny pack wrapped around her back contained her dog food and water.  It being Fall again, she and I are beginning to train for that same trip, walking around the neighborhood.

Greenleaf Lake, Oklahoma
Backpacking Trail Loop

Recently, I received a thankful email from a Reader of the blog, named Sarah, a Student Doctor of Veterinary Science from California, who said she and her cousins are regular Readers of the Blog!  What-up from Oklahoma!  She wanted to recommend to other readers and dog lovers a website where, if you have a dog, you can look up photos and info about your dog's breed.  Thanks Dr. Sarah!

I felt horrible back in late April when I took Peanut with me to a doctor's appointment.  I kind of realized at the last minute I had forgot about the appointment (I'm thinking I wasn't too fond of the particular doctor).  Before going into the doctor's building, I had rolled down all the windows enough to let in air, as well as the sunroof, and it being I think in the 70 degrees F, I figured we were okay.  That is until some sort of animal rescue police officer came into the exam room to lecture me about leaving my dog out in the "heat."  For the next hour or so, the argument whether-or-not he was right ping-ponged back and forth in my mind.  I mean, it was still April, nice temps, windows rolled down enough, she had water.  But, in the end, my conscience yielded, and I decided I would not leave her in the car unless the temps were below 70 F.

Maybe Dr. Sarah has some recommendations about this...

And so I am waiting.  Waiting for Fall to keep coming out and showing us he is here.  So that Peanut cannot only be my Backpacking Buddy, but also my Run-Around-Town Buddy.   In the backseat, I have ready a bed, with blanket, food, water, leash, and toys.  So hopefully in a couple weeks or so, she will be running around all over town with me, with her head poked out the window (rolled up enough to be safe!), and her tongue wagging in the wind.

I love that little dog, Peanut. 

Have a great Fall Weekend, Ya'll!!

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