Thursday, September 14, 2017

Computer is Fried! Please help!

If there's anybody out there with an old laptop who'd be willing to donate it to The Okie Traditionalist (me), please let me know!

You can comment below or email me at   I'm guesstimating shipping would be under $20.

My laptop got fried by a virus.  Its beyond repair, and my wallet is very thin right now.  I've been painstakenly typing out blog posts with my thumb on my 3 inch smartphone screen for several months!!

This would really help the blog, and give me some relief.  I would be greatly indebted!!!   My THANKS to you will be to thank you by name (if you wish) on the sidebar and keep that up for a while, or I could mention the donation without your name but ask for prayers for one of your intentions, perhaps for a deceased loved one.  Plus you will be in my prayers.   I'll also write a blog post about a subject of your choice.  Also 10 rosaries offered for your intentions!

My thumbs and eyes will also thank you!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have one you can use. Check you FB Messenger.

Chris said...

Load Mint 18.2 Linux onto your machine. If it's old, it may make it react pretty quickly again. You only need to download the ISO and put it on CD. I would be happy to send a CD directly to you if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Chris! Thx for the comment.
So Linux is a better operating system than Microsoft? Haven't used it yet. Joe

OkiePapist said...

Linux Mint is what is loaded on the laptop provided. It is a great OS. Let me know if you need help with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking it OkiePapist very much. Graci. I'm new to Linux but it seems smarter than Microsoft Office. Let me know what topic you think would be cool to talk about. Praying those rosaries for your intentions. Will post about praying for your intention. Keep it Anonymous?