Tuesday, February 14, 2017


So the Little Lady just got an FB message from her friend back in the Old Country. It seems a senior member of their SSPX Chapel has Alzheimer's disease.   The faithful try to visit her at her house, but she is hostile and insulting (dementia).  Kyrie eleison.

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SSPX Brothers Praying for the Living and the Dead

Reminds me of my Uncle of sorts, at least that's what I called him, who was my aunt's live-in partner.  In the last few years of his life--God rest his soul--he suffered from Alzheimer's.  He went from being an occasionally grouchy person (lol who isn't), to being grouchy and combative 24/7.  It was horrifying to see him lose much of his personality.

This, in my mind, begs the question:  if a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, isn't it better if they pass on to the here-after BEFORE they lose their mind??  I mean, imagine potentially forgetting your own identity, much less that of the Holy Trinity or Catholic Church. I am not a moral theologian, but I'd imagine their culpability is akin to that of a severely mentally retarded child or adult.  I'm not sure.

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God bless these patients, who are like "victim souls."

Recently I had my own sudden, odd, out-of-the-blue brush with a potentially life-threatening medical situation.  Thank the Good Lord and Most Merciful Divine Physician on High the diagnosis was minor and prognosis very good.  But it got me to thinking about death.   When an E.R. nurse asks you "Sir, do you have an Advanced Directive Order?" your life perspective changes, at least for a moment.

If you had Alzheimer's, how would you wish to be cared for?  Me, no, I wouldnt opt for a shotgun, but there are fools out there that would and do, God help them.  I would ask for "ordinary treatment to be preserved," but insist that the doctors DO NOT extend my life through any "extraordinary means."  My last petition would be to ride into the sunset with my faculties at least somewhat intact.

Anyways, please pray for Maam Rose who has Alzheimer's, that God will comfort her and give her some relative peace of mind during this final season of her life.

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Agony in the Garden

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