Friday, July 1, 2016

New Tulsa Bishop

CmKZliOWIAEPab0.jpg (760×603)

Tulsa has a newly ordained bishop, Bishop David Konderla.  Traditional Catholics, accustomed for years to the traditional-bent of his predecessor, Bishop Edward Slattery, are wondering how the new bishop will treat traditional Catholics, or rather how will he treat traditional Catholicism and the Traditional Latin Mass?

Will Bishop Konderla continue +Slattery's tradition of celebrating Sunday morning Mass at the cathedral "facing East" "ad orientem," with Latin and chant?

Will Bishop Konderla likewise actively promote "traditional Liturgy," the Tridentine Latin Mass, Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum, the work of Clear Creek Abbey, the FSSP, etc?

He is from Texas and loves woodworking, which sounds good.  Other than that, I have no earthly idea.



  1. He paces during his sermons, according to YouTube video footage. So, based on that, he thinks the sanctuary is a stage.

    I've been wrong before, though.

  2. Yeah I saw that.

    Here's some cool videos of his self-built Texas hermitage. But you can get a feel for his sense of liturgical piety when he starts setting up for Mass at Time 1:20 (first video): rainbow stole, Ipad for his missal, flips the host onto the patten like a quarter He does mention Clear Creek monastery and its 1000 acres in Oklahoma to the interviewers who are perhaps from Clear Creek (3rd video).

    He seems like a conservative, country guy but perhaps not in tune with the traditional movement or even the Benedict XVI's "reform of the reform" movement. Time will tell here in Oklahoma. Perhaps he'll make hermitage visits out to Clear Creek as new bishop.

  3. As long as these 'priests' trying to be traditional blindly obey the apostates of Vatican 2 who ignore Pope St. Pius V's infallible decree "Quo Primum" ( then what Mr. Konderla is doing is the bidding of the false prophet Mr. Jorge Bergoglio who long ago excommunicated himself, as have all those who veered from the true Faith by embracing the heretical Vatican 2 agenda that is the antithesis of all that came before from Christ through Pope Pius XII. If these men want to continue to offer the TLM, I suggest they contact Bishop Mark Pivarunas.

  4. Pius XII violated the Council of Trent Session 7 Canon 13 with all of his changes from 1951-1958.
    Our priest ignores every change after 1950.
    We fast after midnight for Holy Communion & celebrate the pre-1950 holy week and Holy Mass.
    First Chapel I have been to where a third candle is lit on side of altar during the Consecration-Canon of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.