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Tulsa Bishop Konderla Responds "Indirectly" to the Okie Traditionalist. In the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic. My Response.

My thanks to fellow local traditional Catholic blogger over at Forge and Anvil (read there his article), Laramie Hirsch, for keeping up with the story that originated here last month (LINK).  I was surprised to see this development.

I had challenged my Bishop by means of three emails over several weeks to confirm us faithful Catholics in his diocese in our Catholic Faith, by teaching how the Vatican Pachamama pagan ritual was a grave violation not only of the First Commandment, but of the very foundations of our Catholic Faith.  I was clear, succinct, and respectful.  He did not respond directly to me.  

Instead, Bishop Konderla then responded indirectly this month in our actual diocese's newspaper, the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic, which I actually had suspected he might, by the fact he raises concern specifically about following online blogs and Catholic news sources and people contacting him recently to complain about the scandals of the Amazon synod.There is about a 0.001% chance he's not talking in part about the response to my blog's initiative.  And clearly those who would agree with the protest are large enough in number to warrant the Bishop himself addressing it publicly to the whole Diocese.   

So instead of objecting to the Amazon/Idolatry in the Vatican scandal, he decided to correct those of us orthodox, tradition-loving Catholics, his own lay faithful in the diocese and outside it, like those who would be reading a blog like this, who exercised our Catholic rights to contact him, who would employ the public usefulness of a Catholic blog, and Canon law 212 that enables us to voice our concerns to the hierarchy, both privately and publicly  

He is clearly implying in what he wrote that our actions and attitudes about the Amazon synod/Pachamama scandal, as discussed online, are extreme, misdirected, emotionally unbalanced, and spiritually unbalanced.   I think it is fair to acknowledge those facts before any evaluation is made of them.  

Folks, I am afraid he is reflecting the very attitudes too many of your own Bishops have both to the Crisis in the Church and Catholics who would oppose it, because we love our Catholic Faith.  Control the faithful opposition through gas-lighting.  Ironically, that tactic only backfires.  Thinking, genuine Catholics across this diocese can see through it.  I cannot read the Bishop's heart, but in the order of objective facts as laid out, that is actually what he is doing.  Dismissing us.

Bishop Konderla knows many Catholics are reading The Okie Traditionalist and Forge and Anvil.  He knows many believe and act as we do, as tradition-loving, orthodox Catholics, who would love our local Church enough to raise public concern when our own shepherds are leading the sheep into modernism and liberalism.   Whether we live in Tulsa or any town parish across Eastern Oklahoma under his jurisdiction.  

He knows many of us want reverent, sacred liturgy, sound preaching, and uncompromising pastoral direction.  That we are nauseated beyond belief at the perversion of the Catholic Faith which circumstances force most Catholics in this diocese to witness every Sunday.  

He also knows, no doubt, that the young, Tradition-loving priests of his Diocese follow the information disseminated in part from our blogs.  Even our seminarians sitting in their dorm rooms this very evening.  That many such priests are aided and encouraged to be true Catholic priests by tuning into the Catholic blogosphere for encouragement and relevant discussion on a daily basis.  

He knows many Catholics sit in the pew of the Novus Ordo Mass who would or are petitioning for the truly Extraordinary form of the Catholic Mass (the Traditional Latin Mass) to be offered in their local parish.  He knows we are not going away or will remain silent and inactive.

I will obey what my Bishop said in his article in this:  I will continue as I do to focus on my spiritual life more than sharing online, during my free time.  I will focus on Advent, as he says.  I will make sure I am not "extremely upset" as he says of those who contacted him.   After this post is logged, I will say my night prayers and prepare for the work week.  Life goes on, but I will get this out.  

I refuse to be silent as he is clearly indicating.   Catholics are not idiots, but people of intelligence and logic.  We observe facts and use common sense.

I refuse to back down on this scandal, especially his dual refusal to denounce the Idolatry in the Vatican while likewise correcting us Okie Catholics who care enough to contact him, and about any scandal that unfolds in what he dismisses as the "24 hour news cycle," in the weeks, months, and years ahead in which the modernist Revolution racks our Church.  Both at the local and universal level.  

I refuse to do what he is suggesting and follow a servile kind of passivistic, quietistic kind of piety and respect for authority, where I just keep my head down when our own ministers and others should enter the sanctuary and try and assault our Lord.  

Even my local Protestant brothers, especially Okie Evangelical Christians, would agree with my critical questioning of my Bishop in this, and all Catholic Bishops, who remain silent to institutionalized idolatry, in the very Church that goes back historically to the Apostles.  

Bishop Konderla, I am emailing this response to you.   Again I am listing your contact info below for Catholics to continue to respectfully express the exact same dismay and concern again to you, and to all our Bishops, who are charged with one thing:  to transmit Catholic Tradition to save souls.  

Not to save the rainforest in the Amazon, promote invalid female deacons, reduce the dignity of priestly celibacy, or to accommodate Christ's Church to the ungodly pantheistic spirit of the modern world.   Or to bow down to a pagan Mother Earth goddess.  We refuse to be okay with the pope and cardinals objectively participating in a pagan ritual worship of a false god, no less in St. Peter's basilica, and silencing objection to it.

Bishop Konderla, I am not judging you at all on a personal level.  That has never been my intention, and I stand by everything I have said here in substance that is at all critical of the acts and omissions you decided to make when you became our Bishop three years ago.   

Bishop Konderla, I write this out of love.  Love for the local and universal Catholic Church I was raised in, in every parish I have contributed to since childhood.  I write this out of love for you as our Bishop, because I believe hearing these truths, and by our prayers and witness, you will hopefully be moved one day to clearly uphold the doctrine, piety, reverence, and sacred traditions of our Church.  Regardless of how the chips may fall.

To express your concern over this, please contact Bishop Konderla at the Diocese of Tulsa:

Please contact again Bishop Konderla:

(918) 294-1904

Onward and upward!


Catechist Kev said...

I read your blog and have been very edified by what I read here! :^)

Thanks and God bless you Okie Trad.


Joseph Ostermeir said...

Appreciate that Kevin. It's good to connect with mature, intelligent people like yourself. It definitely keeps me warm at night sitting here in my Okie armchair to communicate with folks via this medium. But as I think of it, I feel sorry for all the troubled homeless (or near homeless) people out there tonight wandering the streets without shelter or transportation or support of any kind. Online abstract debate does not compare with their misery. But I digress. It's cold outside here in Oklahoma.

Joseph Ostermeir said...

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