Wednesday, April 11, 2018

*** THREE *** Days since The Okie Traditionalist Emailed Cardinal Burke His DUBIA about Organizing a New Conclave, On Behalf of the Laity

His Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Burke
at Clear Creek Abbey 
Hulbert, Oklahoma

Preface:  well, Cardinal Burke didn't get an answer to his Dubia he sent Francis 570 days ago, and it's very uncertain what his next action will be, if any.  So I figure if a Cardinal can question the Pope above him, and expect an answer, then we the Laity can write our own public Dubia to the good Cardinal above us and likewise expect an answer about what he is, or is not prepared to do.  So here goes, one can only try I suppose!  I'm emailing this through his Official Website and leaving it up at the top of the blog as a running story.  I'd be much obliged if someone somehow can make sure His Eminence reads it.  This is Day Zero, and counting.  Updates will follow!


Dear Cardinal Burke,

You may have already read that Bishop Rene Gracida, the retired bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas, has just this week strongly suggested that the Chair of St. Peter is empty, calling for the Cardinals to consider a new papal conclave.  LINK.  He argues that Francis was "probably" invalidly elected because Pope John Paul II's conclave laws were broken; and, secondarily because of the many errors against the Faith taught by Francis.

He actively served as a Bishop for 26 years before retirement, has been a priest for almost 60 years,  and is a World War II Veteran. 

And, in an interview with Michael Voris of, Bishop Gracida said the burden is actually on us laity to confront the hierarchy of the Church about the present crisis, hence this open letter to you from Oklahoma.  He also said the decision will have to come from the Cardinals to elect a true Supreme Pontiff.

Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida
Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas
How we the Laity should Respond

With all due respect, Your Eminence, we the Laity, who are at the mercy of the Hierarchy, can no longer quietly wait for you to directly confront Francis and his supporters in Rome.  We are now confronting you, in charity, to act now, using your particular authority and reputation as a Cardinal to protect our Holy Mother the Church.  

Since only the Cardinals can remedy the present papal crisis, and since you are the main Cardinal who has led resistance to it, then in God's Providence, Cardinal Burke, the terrible duty rests on your shoulders to lead them in this work.   How could God's Providence not be interpreted in that way?  

I am hearing from my fellow, faithful Catholics dismay and grief for your past hesitance to issue the Formal Correction.  As much as it would take courage for Francis himself to answer your dubia, to set aside his scandalous, personal opinions, and confirm us in the Catholic Faith, likewise it would take courage from you yourself and all the Cardinals to carry out your duty.

As you once presented an unanswered Dubia about Francis' now clearly manifest rejection of Church teaching, I, one Catholic blogger here in the Heartland, am presenting this Dubia to you, on behalf of my fellow Catholic Laity:

Cardinal Burke, faithful Catholics are asking, when will you take the necessary steps to organize the Cardinals (i.e. those who really possess that office) in impeaching Francis, and properly electing a valid Pope? 
How long must the Church keep descending more deeply into this sacrilegious crisis, while the Revolution of Francis and his faction keep tearing down the Magisterium and discipline of the Church?  
For how much longer can the Cardinals, who alone have the authority to impeach a putative pope and organize a new conclave, keep sitting on their hands while Christ's Mystical Body is crucified on the Cross before our eyes?

Your Eminence, have courage!  Our Lord is on your side, as are millions of faithful Catholics, including many bishops and priests.  When you decide to act, you will have our full support. You have Cardinals Brandmuller and Zen standing with you, in particular, and I am sure many more members of the College of Cardinals are morally behind you, who will join you in taking action.

This would not be the first time in Church history that one Prelate in particular was called to help save the Church from ruin.

I admire your dedication to your special vows of obedience to the pope, as a cardinal and member of Opus Dei.  But you took them first and foremost to God Himself.  Your allegiance is to all His Vicars, including Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  

In the true spirit of obedience, for the love of God please do your duty and publicly resist the current claimant, i.e. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, before the current crisis becomes exponentially worse.  


Joseph Ostermeir
The Okie Traditionalist Blogger 
Tulsa, Oklahoma

P.S.  To reach me, my email is:

Onward and upward.

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