Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tulsa Leftist Landlord Backs Anti-fa Tenant, Tells Trad Catholic to Take Down Trump Sign: Among Other Saturday Morning Musings

My Saturday Morning Musings

I love my Saturday Morning Musings, as I reflect sitting here this early Saturday morning at the #1 rated diner in Oklahoma, aka The Freeway Diner, a very clean, friendly place with large servings at a competitive rate.  Ordered up a ham and cheese omellete, bacon, small salad, and my requisite diet Coke. 

And I'm lovin' this Fall weather.  It's funny how my melancholic temperament works.  Whereas the sanguine disposition would thrive best in Spring and Summer, jubilantly embracing the flowering of biological life, warm weather, and all things external, the interior-oriented introvert thinker, such as I tend to be, tends to wake up when heat and humidity subside.  It is a bitterly cold morning that sharpens our senses, and the warmth of the fire that draws us into the primordial essence that is Life.

Freeway Cafe

After eating and blogging, Peanut and I are off to a 45 minute hike to the top of Turkey Mountain, then I have to clean out the trunk of my car, and organize my fishing gear for our fly-fishing trip tomorrow after Sunday Mass, before having to work later today.

Drawn into the Primordial of Fall Weather

And so this time of year my inner being feels pulled into the primordial, the inner realities, and contemplation of the dynamic of life on Earth, while engaging that reality even more robustly with Fall weather.  I am talking about the engaging Presidential Campaign, as we are a witness to the unfolding of history, and our nation's descent into Socialism Communism.  Watching Trump battle Biden the Radical Left is like watching Gandalf battle that dragon before he and it are plunged into an abyss.  "You shall not pass" is what I want to yell out.  But I continue to fear Trump will lose, and we must prepare for that.  

Trads Love Gandalf

I've been drawn into the competitive spirit of hunting, fishing, and college football.  Go Sooners!   I think for a male, there is something this time of year that affirms our God-given gender.  The Left will demonize it as "toxic masculinity."  The Realist who believes in objective, knowable Truths will say otherwise.   There is something about building and maintaining a fire, pulling in a trout from the stream, chopping firewood, and sitting in a deer blind in the brutal cold of a pre-dawn November morning waiting for a deer, that rightly and properly raises the testosterone levels, and keeps the psyche more firmly on track in one's duties of state.  It is as if the competitiveness of Nature you experience this time of year draws you closer to the divine source.  To savor a meal of wild meat, sip wine, smoke a cigar, and gaze into the fireplace, anticipating the Christ Child in the dark, cold manger of Christmas soon.

I'm an OU fan--last week's game was historical.  If they win this year, it will be as jubilant as a Trump re-election, for Okies that is.  I'll be talking about other competitions here soon.  End of the month I'm taking a used car dealer to small claims court--that should be fun.  We'll see who wins November 3rd (or thereafter).  And in November, I'm readying myself to go turkey and then deer hunting.  Will post pics here if I kill an animal.

Tulsa Leftist Landlord Backs Anti-fa Tenant, Tells Trad Catholic to Take Down Trump Sign

With social media having been taken over by Big Tech, which we now know is ruled by the Left, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are no longer a viable means of disseminating objective information.  Perhaps the conservative alternative is all we have left, where we will fight back online: blogs, podcasts, and discussion forums.  And so I would never in a million years report this except at a place like this.

I will not say who the person is, but a traditional Catholic and his family in Tulsa were discriminated against recently by their Landlord, probably breaking multiple federal, state, and local laws, not to mention the First Amendment to the Constitution.   

They rent a house and decided to put up a modestly sized, very nice re-elect Trump sign hanging on the front of their house, to the side, having checked first with the city about relevant ordinances.  The upstairs tenant, who has an anti-fa sign in her window advocating abolishing the police, complained to the Landlord, who told the family to take down the sign (which they did, to avoid eviction).  The day before she complained, someone had torn down the sign.  When asked of the Landlord why they must take it down, they were told  "If I let you hang a political sign on the outside, I would also have to let the girl above you hang one too."  

Cue the book/movie 1984.

Take Down that Trump Sign!

Apparently, neither the conservative nor the liberal in this case have a right to free speech, except inside their rented space.  The Trad in question reports that he responded by placing a Trump sign inside the front window, and installed an outdoor min-security cam.  Will report any developments here.

(Update: 10/18/20.  Said Trad reports that today someone left a message in front of their house saying "Mark my words, I will kill your [explitive]."  For hanging "Trump 2020" signs in the window.")

We're going to have to keep fighting for the rights of God, Christ, His Church, faith, the family, property, and the sanctity of human life until our last dying breath.  We are a counter-revolution.  We are simply responding in measured proportion to the Revolution that is unfolding before our eyes every day.  So be it!  It is after all Life-affirming to engage in the battle for the Social Kingship of Christ.  It is part of Human Nature, and the Natural Order after all.

Have a blessed Fall weekend, fellow Okie Trads and Beyond!

Talimena Drive, Southeast Oklahoma

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