Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ready for Spring.

Lovin’ this Spring-like weather here in the Sooner State. Which brings to mind the joys of picnics, trips to the lake, elevated serotonin levels, and sunshine.  Yessir.  I suppose the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so we’re rounding third base approaching Spring. 

I think most people—perhaps me especially—get affected by wintertime, with cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder (cue a frowning face emoticon), or whatever you want to call it.  It is the irony of our fallen state I suppose to find discomfort in the very thing we once yearned for, and then likewise keep yearning for greener pastures.   For that golden valley around the next corner.  That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Such is my waxing and waning pattern following the turn of the seasons. Whereas in the purgatorial heat of August in Oklahoma I’m counting the days until Fall kicks in, by the next February or March my forward-thinking temperament starts to anticipate longer days, nature coming back to life, and more outdoor activity.  Yessir. 

Are you all getting ready for the coronavirus?   We keep filling our pantry. And I bought some home protection from a fellow Okie Trad, coupled with an exhilarating session of target practice.   When the coronavirus zombies come banging down my door, I’ll be ready to protect me and mine.  Yessir.  

But hopefully this thing just turns out like a nasty version of the Asian swine flu, and you know not the likes of the Spanish flu epidemic that wiped out a hundred years ago—brace yourself—over 50 million people.  Be prepared, is the Boy Scout motto.  

Feeling blessed at this time in life.  With career, health, and family life. Deo gracias.  Looking forward, onward, and upward.  By God’s grace and divine plan.  Shopping to buy a house in the country, making plans for the future, looking forward to Spring, when it’s warm enough to go swimming down at ol’ Blue Hole Spring in Salinas.  Yessir. 

Happy Saturday. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Night Musings: Guns, Skojec vs Oakes, Physical Frame

TGIF fella Okie Trads and Beyond.  We made it to the end of the work week.  Well some of us did anyway, me having to put in extra hours tomorrow.  But the nice thing about going into work on a Saturday is it’s typically quiet and you can be a bit more casual with yourself, listening to music, snacking, untucking your shirt, and such. 

Guns.  Well I’m thankful for a thread started in a trad Catholic forum recently discussing the developing Coronavirus outbreak and plans for prep.   Last week I discussed it here, how I agreed with the consensus to take a good look at this situation and start filling up your pantry.   But then when I read about how the daily life and economy in China is taking a big hit, when you think about how our own daily life is linked to them via the economy and mass means of production, then I decided it’s time to look at upping my home protection.   A shotgun seems the best choice, it’s been a while since I owned or shot one.   There’s something life-affirming about having a gun, and developing a self-defense mindset.  

Skojec vs Oakes Spalding.  Two well-followed trad bloggers these last several years, and according to them online friends.  Until a recent feud.  Oakes strongly disagreed with Skojec over a topic of debate.  Skojec then turned on Oakes his friend bringing up very personal, negative things about Oakes online that is private, to the point Skojec later deleted his comments with apology.  As relayed by C212. 

On this one I’ll side with Oakes because he did not deserve to be the object of an online smear job, and in all my own blogging-related correspondence with him, and reading his blog, I’ve always had the impression he is a very balanced, humble, and charitable guy, who, through his own use of the tool of irony, finds intra-trad nuttiness as silly and distracting as I do. 

Which is my point in even making note of their apparent fall out.  

Physical Frame.  Guys, the critical need to develop this in yourself to fulfill your nature/purpose as a man was driven home by local Okie Trad James Deprisco in his newly released book The Catholic Red Pill: a Guide for Men, available on Amazon.  See my blog post about the book.  The veracity of the argument hit me like a ton of bricks, wiping the Greenhorn out of me, who is horizontally challenged in both the sagittal and coronal planes.  But I’m working on it through daily walks, weight training, and a very strict keto diet.  And I can report back that yes, as you develop your physique and outward appearance, your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual frame also follows suit.   

Anyway, we're planning to make it to SSPX-OKC, when we can.   Weekly confessions, the True Mass, an angelic choir, and nice parish community, it’s a hidden gem.  Yessir. 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday Morning Musings: Coronavirus, Impeachment Aftermath.

Lovin’ this warm Saturday weather, warm for February.  Took Peanut for a hike out at Mowhawk Park, detailed the car, and got a spiffy haircut before taking the Mrs. on a date lunch.   Debating whether or not to watch the Super Bowl.

Interesting times we live in, the best of times, the worst of times, as it were.   Us right-reasoning, God-fearing people, who care about such matters as Catholic Tradition, Family, and Property, are watching daily as this Coronavirus Situation unfolds.  How serious is it, should we start prepping for it, is it a biological weapon, etc — such are the main questions circulating.  

Well, considering the relatively high mortality rate, that cases are appearing across the globe, that the world is always on the verge of the next viral pandemic, that globalism has made socio-economic breakdown far more likely today than the aftermath of say the Spanish flu epidemic, not to mention approved Marian prophesies warning of an impending Chastisement (have to wonder if the pontiff objectively worshipping a pagan idol in St Peter’s last October, with almost no sincere concern for the diabolical scandal from the Bishops will be the tipping point triggering God’s wrath), then yeah it would be a good idea to start prepping. 

Visits to Costco or Sam’s club.  Buy beans, rice, and canned goods in bulk.   Follow this situation, if it worsens, proportionally do more prepping.  My thought has been crises like this are a good wake up call for us to always be prepared, both spiritually and materially. 

Next topic:  the impeachment proceedings failed in the Senate, Trump to celebrate next week when this nonsense is wrapped up.   The socialists shot themselves in the foot on this one, though surely they knew that in their desperation. Their failure is Trump’s success.  Meaning he will be re-elected with his party rallying more behind him for the next four years.   Pundits rightly observe this impeachment failure increases polarization in America.  Perhaps in the foreseeable future, after a major crisis, the socialists will achieve final takeover of America turning it into a second world country like those in Eastern Europe, but at least the nationalist patriots, conservatives, and traditional Christians will form closer alliances in states like mine.  

Interesting times we live in.