Monday, May 13, 2019

My Current Thoughts on the Current Crisis in the Catholic Church

I’d rather be fly-fishing at Marval Trout Camp just below Tenkiller lake dam in eastern Oklahoma than worrying myself if/when Bishops and Cardinals will ever finally confront the heresies of Francis.  As in walking into the Vatican and making a press conference insisting the putative pontiff either confirm his heretical beliefs or, pray God, be compelled to adhere to those infallible doctrines in question 

I’d rather be watching a YouTube channel about building a cabin in the tundra and living off of hunting and fishing than following every jot and tittle of the Daily Toxic Ecclesiastical News that comes down the pike daily.  God bless Frank over at Canon 212 for his thankless labor presenting the critical concerns of the laity (which canon 212 allows).  But the flood of headlines hurt my eyes and lower my serotonin levels significantly.  Though I must skim the headlines during my morning constitutional.  But only after reading a chapter of Imitation of Christ that sits on a shelf across from the toilet.  Gotta try and start my day with a spiritual booster shot. 

I’d rather hang on my living room wall a painting of a Parisian plaza with flowers and French cafes than a picture of Francis-Bergoglio.   Actually, that I did after he formalized his adherence to the Divorced-and-Remarried-without-Annulment-can-receive-Holy Commumion heresy when he confirmed the Argentinian bishops’ heretical interpretation of Amoris Lariteae in a letter he included as part of his official Papal Magisterium in the Acts of the Apostolic See.  Had to take down his photo if for no other reason it was a source of spiritual discouragement to look at.   Thanks Papa Francis. 

I’d rather just know I informed myself enough about the Francis Revolution to ignore it, reminding myself it is fundamentally just another phase of the Vatican II Revolution. I’d rather just remember the turmoil and existential angst I felt when this man was outed by a senior prelate as actually promoting clerical sodomy and pederasty at the highest levels.  And leave it at that.  I have to pray our family rosary now, eat a snack, and play with my dog Peanut. 

It all seems excessive to think about. Doesn’t it?


  1. Yes, and amen to your prayer for Frank Walker, the hardest working man in the Catholic Blogosphere and on my (very) short list of "Men on Whom We Can Count to be Faithful Catholics not Neocons".
    Canon212's headlines are worth the peek, not only for good content but for information and a laugh. A laugh is worth a lot these days, it's become an entirely unfunny world.

  2. The next time you pass one of those portraits remember this simple prayer: "Illuminate 'im or eliminate 'im. Amen."

  3. Yes, thank the Lord for Fr. Vigano!