Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tulsa Priest trying to end Diocesan Latin Mass Community?

Laramie Hirsch commented recently on a kind of public announcement Fr. Mike Knipe gave last month to Sts. Peter and Paul's Latin Mass Community, in an article over at Vox Cantoris.


Father reportedly said he prefers just the Novus Ordo for the parish, with no Latin Mass, and suggested the community instead go to the FSSP parish, while criticizing their amount of financial contributions.  The last time he complained about that, that same Sundays' bulletin attributed 24% of Sunday collections to the traditionalists, while 60% of the parish, Hispanics, give less per capita, Hirsch stated.

This story is public, verified, and calls into question the future of Catholic Tradition here in our local Church.  I've had similar accounts related to me directly by parishioners there, that verifies this report.  If substantial info comes forth to the contrary, I will edit this post.

My Commentary.

Where to begin?  First, knowing many of the families there, I highly doubt anybody did or said anything uncharitable, in a serious way, to aggravate the pastor.   The statement suggests he does not approve of the Latin Mass in a mainstream parish, wants trads quarantined off to the unseen countryside, and is advising them to leave.

Second, if they leave, who will make up for the financial loss of the 24% of collections lost?  The exact number doesn't matter, or who is giving more, the Anglo trads, or the impoverished Hispanics.  The poor Hispanics will carry the new burden, if the Latin Mass Community is pressured to leave.   Less $ to pay for food, housing, and medical bills.

By simple rules of physics and natural philosophy, that govern the chain of cause-and-effect, it is certain Fr. Knipe's pastoral move, if successful, will result in greater financial hardships for his Hispanic parishioners, both collectively, and at the level of families and individuals.

No bueno.

That is quite ironic on many levels, considering how the diocese has helped Hispanics so much for the past decades, including Fr. Tim Davison, now on sabbatical, who devoted decades to tireless Hispanic ministry, while promoting the sacred treasures of our Faith.  

It was several years ago that Fr. Tim started a Latin Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul, the community growing for many years.  But now established members are being shown the door.  

And I'm as certain as I am that the sun will come up in the morning, that very few if any non-Latin Mass attending members there have a problem with the traditionalists, the Latin Mass, or the 24% of weekly income they bring in.

Except one man, according to his public statements.


I support Latin Masses in diocesan parishes, as part of the wider effort to restore our Sacred Tradition, but if the laity aren't able to work this out with the pastor and bishop (a big IF), then maybe it's time to get out of Dodge.  

There's the FSSP parish, the Maronite rite, Clear Creek, FSSP/SSPX in OKC, and younger diocesan priests who know how to say the Latin Mass (one told me he is open to help).

Establish a paper trail, maintain charity, write the bishop, appeal to Rome if you must.   But let's face the music.  The modernist powers that be in the Church hate what we stand for, and are ready to keep chopping away at the traditional Faith.  

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