Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Journal Entry.

Long, hard day,  but a good one.  Still on my 2 month sabbatical from writing more polemical posts about the errors of modernism to the left,  and jansenistic fundamentalism to the right (yup), to doubly focus on work. 

I read from the invaluable Canon212 news conglomerate, that the good Latin-Mass-offering Texas Bishop,  Bishop Gracida, is still calling for a new papal conclave.   To me,  the whole affair is still a complex,  convoluted test of mental gymnastics,  but only the Cardinals have the canonical authority to make an intervention.   Is what it is. 

Anyway,  back to my evening R&R.  Looking forward to summer activities,  time permitting:  swimming, canoeing,  BBQs, fireworks,  plus of course plenty of fluids,  sunscreen,  and AC. 

God bless,  and have a good rest of your week.  Talk to y'all on the weekend. 


  1. I think I can relate to the "jansenistic fundamentalism to the right (yup)". That phrase reminds me of this Sunday when I was talking to my Filipina friend at Church about why I did not want to join the SSPX third order. I remembered some of the rules. So I told her why I could not join. One reason was that I sometimes watch television and that is against the rules. So she asked why I watched television. And I said once a week or so I like to watch baseball games and that I never watch regular shows because I think most of them are sinful. And she said it would be good to give up some things to get a better place in heaven. And I said but it is not sinful. And she agreed that it was not sinful but thought perhaps it would be better if I gave it up for God anyway. And I told her that it would be too difficult to give up all my pleasures because I need some leisure to be happy and then she agreed with me and said yes that is true and that for her she gets similar pleasure from eating. Then I also told her that I could not go to a retreat every two years because I cannot afford to and also because I would be unable to make a good general confession because of my memory and that is another rule I can not follow. She told me on Sunday about her eating that it does give her a lot of pleasure and she was afraid of committing sins of gluttony. I told her that the priest told me that mortal sins of gluttony were not common so that if she had committed those sins they were probably only venial. And then I told her that she was so skinny that it was not likely that she was a glutton and she is also a vegan so she does not eat fancy foods, but she does enjoy eating a lot. I love her.

  2. Interesting way to end your comment Julian: "I love her," after relating your conversation.

    Also interestingly, I had a remarkably similar conversation once, relevant to my own "jansenistic fundamentalism to the right" comment. A Filipina running the SSPX 3rd Order info booth at the Angelus Conference told me "you're morally weak if you don't want to give up all TV to join" their group. She was in her 40s and single, devoting her whole life to the SSPX, as if she was a religious sister. Sigh.

    Back to my TV show... :)

    1. Well I do love her a lot. She is my favorite woman at Church and she prays for me and asks for my prayers. But my love for her is not of the romantic kind as she is an old lady.