Wednesday, May 9, 2018

PODCAST: Charles Coulombe on the so-called "Alt Right."

Traditional Catholic author and speaker, Charles Coulombe, did a podcast on the so-called "Alt-Right."  He was interviewed on Veritas Radio Network by his fellow traditional Catholic author Br. Andre Marie, MICM, who is the Prior of The St. Benedict's Center.

Coulombe shows some sympathy for people who adhere to this ideology, but in the end rejects the "Alt Right" as incompatible with our Catholic Faith.  

Brother Andre Marie himself, a very high level thinker by the way, begins by saying the Alt Right is at heart "reactionary," and defined by what it is against than what it is actually for.  He recognizes the movement's reference to being a "Big Tent," but underlines "deeply flawed ideologies" of its main leadership, which some Catholics are falling into.  (Time 4:00 - 06:30).  Later he says:  

"I find the movement repulsive on a purely intellectual level."

This is an excellent and very informative talk, which I summarize below.  Here are the main criticisms from Coulombe about the Alt Right, which I challenge Catholics who identify with this movement to consider.  

Charles Coulombe's Criticisms of the Alt Right:

1.  Racism and anti-Semitism are serious moral problems in the Alt Right, those terms understood in the Catholic sense.

2.  From a Catholic perspective, it tends to "deify" "lesser things" of the world, especially race, ethnicity, and nationalism (Time 34:00 - 35:12).

3. He agrees with Br. Andre that the Alt Right does not respect the role of Black Americans in our history and culture.  (Time 54:00ish - 55:25).

4. And that Eugenics is a serious moral problem, in the sense used by Alt Right leaders in general (vs. the Catholic view of it).

5. And about their common love of Machiavelli, Nietzche, and Darwin in particular. "Regurgitated, German, 19th Century garbage," he completely agrees.

6.  The Alt Right makes religion a mere tool or means to political ends, rather than an end in itself, and Catholic Christianity is not necessarily the true religion for those purposes.

How then can a Catholic, in good conscience, seriously support the "Alt Right" movement?

If these criticisms are fair and objective, then of course the answer would be:  we can't.

Do you agree with Sir Charles' conclusions?  Disagree?  The Comment box is open.


  1. "How then can a Catholic, in good conscience, seriously support the "Alt Right" movement?"
    In the same way we can vote for a Republican because he is not as bad as a democrat and promises to appoint a pro-life judges. Politics is a filthy game of dirty bedfellows where you have to make compromises. There are only a few hundred traditional Catholic monarchists in the Charles Coulombe vein in these United States so to many the prospect of a "Star-Spangled Crown" seems as likely as NASA proclaiming the moon is really made of cheese, so to some the "alt-right" is the closest thing to seeming sanity in the public sphere today.

    1. Except there is a big difference between say voting for a pro-life Republican, and supporting the Americanist ideology of the Republican Party. I personally don't object to a casual glance at Alt Right sites, but there are not a small # of Catholics seriously entrenched in this ideology, which Coulombe and Br. Andre are warning about.

      Do you disagree with their points?

  2. I don't know enough about them except that they seem to be disaffected young men who feel betrayed by society and are searching for answers. I see them as potential allies. But I do object to them being called racists and anti-semites. Not that I support their ideas which I know little about, but that I think that a movement is doomed to failure when they condemn others using the slurs of their enemies. So we should not call people racists or anti-semites, or fascists because those are slurs of the left and we should not use their language.

    1. Who called them racists or anti-semites? But surely racism and anti-semitism aren't just slurs of the left, but real moral evils.

      I would encourage you to listen to their podcast to be better informed about it. Hence the purpose of the blog post.