Thursday, May 31, 2018

One traditional Catholic's Protest of Ecclesial Silence about Irish Abortion Referendum.

Preface:  the recent referendum that approved of legalized abortion in Ireland got "my Irish up," so I'm breaking my 2 month sabbatical from more polemical posts to voice Catholic protest. 

After Roe v.  Wade,  the blame for the widespread American culture of death rests partly with the American bishops being too silent.  Meanwhile 40 million unborn American children have been slaughtered. 

When abortion soon becomes legalized in the once Catholic country of St. Patrick,  the future blood of aborted Irish children of God will cover the hands of all those bishops and priests who either supported the referendum,  or now yield to the pro-abortion government. 

I am half Irish American.  My ancestors came to America in the late 1700s from southeast Ireland.   When I read about the referendum,  with 2/3rds of voting Irish rejecting the right to life of the innocent and vulnerable,  I was angry. 

I think it was St. Frances De Lasalle,  who once dealt with major anger issues which he overcame through intensified prayer,  who said it is equally sinful not to be angry about gross moral injustices,  as it is to be angry over petty differences. 

So I am today angry at the Irish clergy who are going along with this.   Their silence will contribute to murder,  and to plunging Ireland deeper into the Culture of Death. 


1.  Conferences,  pilgrimages,  public protest by all faithful Irish Catholics, not only in response to the pro-abortion politicians,  but to the hierarchy there in so far as it is supporting legalized infanticide,  in utero. 

2. Realize now is the hour.   Imagine how many lives might have been saved starting in 1973 if we had organized protest and crisis pregnancy services strongly in the beginning. 

3. Pray for the conversion of the Irish government to the pro-life position,  and especially the Irish hierarchy to enforce it. 

Human life begins at conception,  and must be protected until the moment of natural death. 

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  1. Only about ten American bishops have stated publicly what ALL bishops are strictly obliged to do: that pro-abortion public figures must be denied Communion. Each and every time such a person receives Communion, it is a mortal sin for the pastor and the bishop who tolerate this evil.

    Now, we have a Pope who encourages the same sin--in the case of pro-aborts, and adulterers, and gay couples, etc. The species of the notorious grave sin the would-be communicant is involved in is irrelevant. Can. 915 is not about divorce-and-remarriage. It is about any notorious grave sin.

    As long as the Pope and bishops insist that Communion must be handed out to absolutely everyone, they are implying that there is no such thing as a grave sin. I.e., they have ceased to do their job, and ceased to be Catholic.

  2. Thanks for your comments Father. If a Catholic politician or any Catholic publicly supports abortion, they're subject to excommunication, right? It seems bishops can do that too. Our Bishop in Tulsa, I think at the time + Beltran, once excommunicated at a Catholic girl at my high school for writing in support of abortion in her school paper. An exception to the rule of tolerance, it seems.