Friday, May 11, 2018

Okie Trad Refutes the "Barnhardt Thesis."

I'm on a "staycation," and about to go for a swim, but I thought I'd first respond to this Barnhardt hypothesis about Benedict still being the real pope. 

1.  He freely resigned and vacated the Chair,  of his own free will.  Hello. 

2. He has never said he still thinks he is pope.   Despite the spin. 

3.  In his speech to the Gregorian,  he does not claim to literally still be the pope,  or a Pope. Otherwise,  it's confirmation bias. 

4. Neither did the statement by his Archbishop friend.   Or any other statement by anyone. 

5. Ann and her followers fail to cite one authoritative reference to back up their lay reading of one canon law.   Can they? 


It's at best a valid question,  but at worst a pointless conspiracy theory.   What is the purpose?   If BXVI was the "worst Pope in the history of the Church," as she says,  because of the novel way he resigned and uses the title "Pope Emeritus," then why would you want him back in the Apostolic Palace and in the Office of pope? 

Gotta run...