Saturday, April 21, 2018

Okie Trad: This Week in the Church

Chilly Saturday April Morning here in Tulsa:

And, unfortunately rain is in the forecast which could damper activities at the church men's group I'm attending later today.  But that won't stop me from making my famous guacamole -- the secret is to make it chunky, with lots of lime juice and cilantro -- and picking up some large pieces of pot-fried pork rinds from the local Mexican mini-market down the road.

Gotta love Saturday mornings.  Last week was pretty exhausting, in particular yesterday, and I still have more work to do today and Sunday night, but right now I'm kicked back in my leather recliner with a space heater and an e-fire lit on the TV screen care of Netflix.

This Week in the Church:

I had the thought to do a weekly Saturday morning post commenting on all the Church news headlines we read about throughout the week, tuning into Canon212, Pewsitter, etc.  To give my own ironic, laugh-lest-we-cry analysis of the latest ecclesiastical gaslighting.  We'll see.  Also had the thought recently to start doing more podcasts, maybe a Sunday night podcast, featuring my Okie redneck Alter Ego Cleetus Clamput, which could be an entertaining hit, maybe.  I'm odd, in that part of me is very European and formal, being raised by a German immigrant mother, while the other side is like a barefoot, Huckleberry Finn redneck Okie which I get from my Okie-raised father (RIP).  So I definitely have a significant Okie side to me that likes to come out.

Conclave Watch:

So the Dubia Watch has come and gone.  Bloggers, priests, even one mainstream bishop are calling for the Cardinals to consider electing a new pontiff.  I have my own "Dubia" to Cardinal Burke himself, and the other Cardinals, I emailed him via his own official website, which I have posted in the upper left hand corner of the blog.   And I got a response!  From someone at their website inviting me to the Cardinal's conference in Dallas, for the low cost of just $199 (Early Bird Special).  I literally LOL.   

Well, I will somehow find a way to get my letter into the good Cardinals' hands.  He is good because of his Dubia Campaign, but I am afraid he may be too weak in spirit or temperament to help organize a conclave.  Imagine if they actually elected a new pope, the pro-Francis world would go nuts.  We'd have 3 popes in Rome!  Two claiming to be the pope in active expression of the Petrine Ministry.  As I told a friend last night, it would take a miracle, but we can pray for miracles.  Hence...Conclave Watch!

The wife just brought me a plate of eggs and bacon -- mmm -- so I better wrap this up "right quick," as we Okie rednecks say.

Bishop Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi supports Fr. Kramer's Thesis that Benedict XVI is still Pope:

Gracida's analysis of a potential new conclave was for me an epiphany, but he also recently posted Kramer's argument that BXVI's resignation wasn't valid, which I've always considered a dubious theory promoted online.  But the present crisis in the pontificate is just too ridiculous not to make fun of it. 

So here is some entertaining, Saturday morning satire for y'all, published this week by :  


  1. His Excellency's understanding of Papal Infallibility is way off if you read his post on his theory. His argument about the validity of the conclave is sounder, but the only reason he goes down that path is because of the first reason and should be considered erroneous.

    1. That's true. His argument begins with papal infallibility, seeming to take an ultramontane point of view. A certain professor recently told me over salad that the next step after the dubia confronting a heretical pope, based on canonical history, is simply to elect a new pope. It's all definitely above my pay grade, but the Francis Revolution continues on.

    2. That is true, but we have to make distinctions about a heretical pope. Who gets to decide that? Who can judge Peter? The College of Cardinals cannot. Only a valid council or a successor can judge Peter. As this Pope is not likely to call a council and even if he did we likely wouldn't get a good result, we will have to wait for a successor.

      With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, we should remember that St. John Eudes tells us that the surest sign of God's displeasure is the sending of bad shepherds. Salvation history is replete with examples. We go the people that we deserve. If we all want to do something, we can, we can become holy. That is the role of the laity.