Saturday, April 14, 2018

If Cardinal Burke and the Other Cardinals Refuse to Impeach Francis

Gotta love Saturday mornings:

You can sleep in, kick back in your armchair with a Cup 'a Joe (mine has butter and coconut oil in it), log into Blogger, and let the stresses of the work week subside.  

I'm also readying myself to polish off a plate of Pizza Hut buffalo wings, which are the best.  Sliding back into my strictly low carb/ketogenic WOE (that's "way-of-eating" for all you not-horizontally-challenged folks out there), my clothes are definitely starting to fit more loosely.  

Later today, get the car washed, go to confession, and get my workout with an hour of hiking out at Brokeback Mountain (Turkey Mountain -- inside joke for us Tulsans).  Batteries are in serious need of recharge, before a heavy week next week.

Bishop Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi, TX, Added to My List of Favorite Bishops:

So this last week a very well respected bishop from Texas, one of the most traditionalist-minded bishops in the world (he now only says the Latin Mass), suggested Francis isn't pope, and that the cardinals look at electing another supreme pontiff.  Holy smokes.  Truth be told, I always suspected the same, ever since Amoris was promulgated, and we read the infamous Footnote 351, but this bishop tipped the scales for me.

Readers, I personally very much doubt that Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope in 2013.....I don't think he is the pope....It won't be a certainty until the Cardinals themselves make that pronouncement.  But I'm going to have to take down his framed photo from my hallway (which was a personal penance, reminding me to pray for the putative pontiff). 

                         There, I said it.

But I'm not a sedevacantist, in the traditionalist sense of the word.  John XIII through BXVI were valid popes.  Heterodox at times, scandalous, with varying degrees of detachment to our Catholic ecclesial tradition, in the wake of the Council.  But popes, I believe.  Compared to Francis himself, they almost look like pre-Vatican II popes, to me anyway, my point being the contrast itself shows how horrific the present pontificate is.

The Dubia Watch?  Been there, done that.  Time for Action.

Canon212 is still counting the days since Cardinal Burke, and three other Cardinals, issued their Dubia;  but the Dubia has decisively been punted out of the stadium by the Francis pontificate.  Burk seems too introverted or unwilling to shake the boat and do his final duty.  That's just my impression.  The thing is, it is a common opinion of the traditional theologians that only the Cardinals themselves can call an imperfect Synod to impeach a sitting pope, and elect a new one.  And there is no other Cardinal that comes even close to being the one to organize that, besides Cardinal Burke.

To prevent the downward descent of the Francis Revolution, via the watershed 21st century CDR-WAR heresy (communion-for-the-divorced-and-remarried-without-annulment-or-repentance), that task rests squarely on the shoulders of the American Cardinal Raymond Burke.  That is simply a fact of Providence, is it not?

If he sits on his hands, the Cardinals will too, is how I see it sitting here in my Okie Armchair this cool, Spring, Saturday morning.

Cardinal Burke's disposition comes across defeated and powerless.  That or he has Vitamin B12 deficiency.  Folks, the final statement his Rome Conference issued was clearly weak.  It didn't even come close to correcting Francis. It would seem he would rather protect his own peace of mind and involvement in publicly resisting what already is a Papal Schism, then do the duty God's Providence has laid in his lap.  

If Francis continues to sit on the Chair of St. Peter, in other words if he is not impeached and replaced, in other words if Cardinal Burke doesn't step up to the Tee Ball placed there this week by his brother American bishop, Bishop Rene Gracida, 

If we Lay Catholics in particular, using all the modern means God's providence has provided us, don't try and compel His Eminence to do his sworn, sacred duty, then:

The Next Phase of the Francis Revolution will mean:

1. Systematic programs, diocese to diocese, parish to parish of officially allowing Eucharistic sacrilege.  

2. A deepening erosion of marriages in the Catholic Church.  More Catholics will divorce and remarry, without grounds for annulment, and still be admitted to sacramental communion with the Church.  It will be an official, disciplinary rejection of Church teaching on marriage and divorce, and worthy reception of the Blessed Sacrament.  It will be heresy.  

3.  The next phase will be to bless Civil Unions in the Church, diocese to diocese, parish to parish.  Blessing ceremonies, full inclusion in the sacraments, without any sign of repentance, liturgical ministry, full embrace of
one of the sins that "cries out for vengence from God."  

4.  A new torrential Flood of heretical disciplines and loss of Catholic morals will sweep over the Church.  It will go beyond the false spirit of Vatican II;  it will be a new paradigm of Revolution.  It already is.  

5.  Countless more souls will be lost.  The natural law cannot be denied by anyone. 


1.  Let faithful Catholics charitably confront Cardinal Burke.  Implore him, encourage him to ask God to transcend the limitations of his own temperament.  This is what Bishop Gracida, a professed Introvert (an INFJ like myself, which is rare), observes about most orthodox bishops -- they are introverted yet do not try and overcome the weaknesses that come with introversion in defending the Faith.  

2.  Let the Catholic Blogosphere shift its criticism away from Francis towards Cardinal Burke.  Enough talk about Francis.  It's urgently time for action.  

3. Let nothing be grey and up in the air.   As the Schism deepens, we must clearly choose sides, because the line has already been drawn across the sand.  Here in the Tulsa Diocese, as an example, the Bishop must side with public resistance to Francis' errors.  The FSSP and Clear Creek monks must support the orthodox stance of Cardinal Burke, et al officially.  

May Cardinal Burke call the Cardinals together to end this present crisis.  God's Will be done.  Happy Saturday.


  1. Our obligation as Catholics is to resist this apostate and all Catholics around the world must cut off the economic aid to Rome so they will listen to us whether they want it or not. We need to march if necessary so that those few heretics who usurp the power do not speak on our behalf and we must start emptying the churches that the liberal apostates have taken. We will not give up our faith. We need to resist them publicly and use all the resources that God has given us.

    1. Thanks for the feedback nazareusrex. What can we do? Traditional Catholics are already "emptying the churches that the liberal apostates have taken." Writing the bishops does next to nothing. March on Rome? I'm there if I had the time and $. All I can think of that might have any real effect is the blogosphere, so I'm riding that for all it's worth. Any other ideas?

  2. for ppl praying 4 +burke +sarah 2 save d church wrong,
    they only want 2 take u back to 1965-2013.
    d root cause of d problem is vc2, francis is just its fulfillment.
    we need cards 2 take us back 2 pre 1962.
    none exist.
    ergo, only divine intervention can restore
    d mystical body of Christ.

    1. I hear you Tubby. The problem is the new church or conciliar religion, unleashed at VII. Your conclusion may very well turn out to be true.

  3. JP II "officially allowed Eucharistic sacrilege by giving communion to Protestants, who dent the real presence. Our being raised in the ecumenical farce all these years makes us think it's not that bad. IT'S BAD. IT'S A BIG DEAL. IT'S HERESY.

    Continue your research, my friend. Maybe replace some of your "kickback" time with a daily fifteen decades. Our Lady will surely and speedily lead you to certainty about the danger your soul is in and what action(s) you need to take. Happy EASTER! Mary Beth

    1. You ONLY pray 15 decades a day?? Say it ain't so. I'm really beginning to worry about your soul Mary Beth. :) Happy Easter.