Monday, April 30, 2018

FSSP to SSPX. And back to FSSP. My Perspective.

I'm told quite a few people from the FSSP parish in Tulsa read this blog.  One has asked me why did I go before to the SSPX, which I have periodically supported on this blog over the years.  So I thought I'd as briefly as possible let people know my background, if they are interested.

I was fortunate to grow up in a devout, catechized Catholic home, but discovered Tradition in my mid 20s through the FSSP.  I attended the FSSP for 7 years, reading a lot of traditional works, including the works of Archbishop Lefebvre.  His works and life in particular, plus dating a girl who went to the SSPX, led me to the SSPX chapel.  

Many people, including some SSPX defenders, are not fully aware that the SSPX recommends to the faithful who attend their chapels they only attend their Masses.  Accepting their jurisdiction and authority, I followed their advise.  Later, I met and married another Catholic girl who attended the Latin Mass offered by the SSPX.

But as I always understood, the traditionalist movement is fraught with serious problems, and the SSPX is no exception.  Many would come and go from our chapel, but I remained for unity with my wife, and because I had taken many years to accept the Society and it's positions.

But last Fall, the Society dissolved its Tulsa mission, and suddenly the priest was telling us a different advise, to attend the FSSP parish in Tulsa.  

I was happy to re-join the FSSP parish in Tulsa, which I had been active in from 2000-2007, before being with the Society from 2007-2017.  Most Precious Blood is a wonderful parish and has excellent pastors.  But this path I discerned called down was not easy.  It was a serious test of my faith to be a traditional Catholic,  to leave the Novus Ordo rite,  to later join an SSPX chapel with little or no parish life,  and to remain at the Society chapel, despite serious irregularities I experienced in the Society.   But I know my experience is far from unique,  but a common trial for Catholics trying to be faithful to Our Lord and His Church. 

So that is my story, just so you know.  I continue to be devoted to My Catholic Faith, and the restoration of Catholic tradition in the Church.  I still in general support the work of the Society, as I do the FSSP and other Ecclesia Dei societies, the Clear Creek monks, our Bishop Slattery's works of traditional restoration, and all Catholic works today that uphold the good, true, and beautiful.  

Which is the purpose of this blog.

God bless.

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