Monday, April 16, 2018

Bishop Gracida of Corpus Christi, TX, for Pope

Seriously.   The man has more testosterone and bravery than any of the Cardinals,  including Burke, to be frank, not to mention a lower BMI and better posture.

At 94, by all appearances he seems to have the physical health and mental clarity of a fit and productive man in his 50s.  He is certainly more healthy than most of the Cardinals who look obese and low energy in comparison

And he is a self-professed introvert like the 2/3rds of bishops today, he says,  except he decided to overcome the weaknesses that come with introversion,  and confront liberal bishops, to the point of "burning bridges."  Only a rare Bishop today is willing to stand up for the truth to the point of being "ostracized."

And he is the only Bishop yet to call into question the election of Cardinal Bergoglio in 2013, and suggest the Cardinals consider a new conclave to elect a Pope.

Oh,  and for years now he celebrates exclusively the Mass of the Saints.

But it will likely never happen,  unless Burke and his colleagues step away from the lecture stand and start organizing real action. 

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