Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Night Podcast, of The Okie Traditionalist Show. Cletus Clampet Fillin' In

Hey Everybody,  Fella Okie Trads and Beyond.  Including anybody of any persuasion on God's Green Earth. 

What a break from the arctic cold.   A weekend of Spring-like bliss.  Typical Oklahoma. 

Still editing the history I wrote up of the Latin Mass in the Tulsa Diocese Local Church,  post-Liturgical Revolution. 

This Sunday my bestist buddy,  a fella Okie Trad from Miami, Oklahoma,  Cletus Clampet,  filled in for me for The Okie Traditionalist Show.  Thanks Cletus.  See below. 

He introduced himself small town Okie style, and chatted about 5 ideas we have for people to have Podcast Discussions with:

1. Our Bishop,  Bishop David Konderla. 

2. Mr. Tom Montgomery,  elder at Most Precious Blood in Tulsa. 

3. Fr. William Define, of the Society.  Society of St. Peter that is.  :)

4. The Catholic Manshow Guys. 

5. Sir Charles Coulombe. 

Without further adieu...

Part 1: with Cletus Clampet

Part 2: with Cletus Clampet

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