Saturday, January 6, 2018

Podcasts: Introduction to Thomistic Philosophy (UPDATED 5/1/18))

I want to share some knowledge and passion I gained for the philosophical thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, having earned an M.A. in Catholic Philosophy, once upon a time from Holy Apostles College and Seminary's distance education program (when I discerned a priestly vocation).  

This is a series of short, very condensed introductions to the main subjects of Thomistic Philosophy.  Six of the ten talks are just 15 minutes long;  the other four are 30 minutes long.  I am not a professional scholar, as my profession is in another field, so these very short podcasts are mainly meant to be primers to encourage listeners to learn more about the wisdom of the Angelic Doctor.  Something you can listen to driving across town, if your car has Bluetooth. 

PS, I made these sitting up late on New Years Eve, being tired with a bit of a cold, so please forgive me if I sound nasal, or mumble in places, or talk fast.  Plus, please forgive the different fonts, due to an uncorrectable glitch with blogger.  Also, podcasts on Medical Ethics (Thomistic) coming soon, especially to help Health Care workers.  Enjoy.



#1   Introduction.  My Background. Click HERE.

#2   What is Philosophy? Click HERE.

#3   Intro. to St. Thomas. Click HERE.  (first part was cut off + didn't mention in the Intro.)

#4   Logic.  Part ONE.  Part TWO.

#5   Cosmology.  Click HERE.

#6   Philosophy of Human Nature.  Click HERE.

#7   Ethics.  Part ONE.  Part TWO.

#8   Political Philosophy.  Part ONE.  Part TWO.

#9   Metaphysics.  Click HERE.

#10  Thomistic Revival.   Part ONE.   Part TWO.


1.  The Summa Theologiae, St. Thomas Aquinas.  LINK.   (Q 1: Articles 1-10;  Treatise on Man;  Treatises on Habits/the Virtues;  Treatise on Law)

2.  Works by Aristotle.  LINK   (Posterior Analytics, Prior Analytics, Physics, De Anima, N. Ethics, Politics, Metaphysics)

3.  The Catholic Encyclopedia (1917).   LINK  (articles on: Philosophy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Logic, Ethics) 

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