Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tulsa Bishop Konderla endorses DACA

So I just peaked at my blogger colleague's blog The Hirsch Files.  Hirsch is pretty irate right now, it seems, about the DACA Obama program to grant citizenship to illegal Hispanic immigrant children.   He is even more frustrated that it is being endorsed by Tulsa Bishop Konderla and OKC Archbishop Coakley.

Hirsch makes some fair points.   What is the role of our Catholic bishops in politics?  What about the rights of citizens?  What responsibility do Americans have to those who hail from south of the border?  Hirsch is a red-blooded, self-described Alt Right traditionalist Catholic. Before the election he jumped on the Trump bandwagon.  He is tired of the same old, same old watered down Catholicism circulated through our dioceses. He wants a restoration of Catholic tradition, especially the Traditional Liturgy of the Church.

That said, recently I praised our Bishop Konderla for being orthodox, faithful to Church law and authority, devoted to the priesthood, and a gentleman.  I would add to this, that by supporting DACA, I give him the benefit of the doubt that his goal is to apply Catholic social doctrine in love of the poor.  To be an instrument of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy to those most in need.  Like his predecessor, Bishop Slattery, he has a special duty and attention to Mexican Catholic immigrants, and other Hispanics, in the Sooner State.  Before long, Spanish-speaking Okie Catholics may outnumber us Anglosaxon Catholics.

DACA is a political program, so I'm thinking laity can freely and respectfully disagree with those Shepherds who support it.  

As a Trumper, I dont support it. It comes from Obama.  It tacitly supports breaking a just law.  It represents a multicultural, liberal view of immigration and race in America.  But unlike our Bishops, I am not gifted with the charism of infallibility, so what I say is nothing more than the opinion of a guy with a blog. But this one guy has a few respectful suggestions about Hispanic Catholics in Eastern Oklahoma.

  •  Catholics of the Tulsa Diocese could honor the decades of hard work and personal devotion on behalf of Hispanic Catholics of soon-to-be retired Fr. Tim Davidson.  Fr. Tim has worked in the vineyard of the Hispanic community for over 20 years.   What he always clearly and explicitly emphasized was the supernatural devotional life of the Hispanic Catholic, for the salvation of souls.  He always so well subordinated the political and social outreach to the liturgical and devotional development of Hispanic Catholics.  At St. Francis Xavier parish and then St. Peter and Paul parish, he personally built with his own hands a Eucharistic Adoration chapel, and a diocesan shrine to a Hispanic saint.  
  • Like Fr. Davidson, we should outline a plan of Catholic Action outreach to Hispanic Catholics that clearly and explicitly is first and foremost ecclesial, supernatural, and doctrinal.   To place the political and socio-economic squarly in a secondary position.  Not an irrelevant position, but secondary.  
  • Emphasize the greatest contribution Hispanic Catholics can make to our nation:  their Catholic Faith.  And secondary to that, their Catholic culture.
  • Yes, underline the dignity of the human person, serve the poor, but double underline the Social Reign of Christ the King.  Work to establish one day a Catholic nation, and to make Oklahoma a state fully devoted to the Catholic Faith.  Imagine that.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

I'm curious what others think about this issue.  Feel free to comment below.


Anonymous said...

I reside in a party-line towing diocese as well where the Bishop has taken to the media to decry the injustice of enforcing our existing immigration laws. No idea if he's commented on DACA specifically but even if he has it might not be newsworthy since no one would have expected otherwise.

It seems they've all forgotten or are completely ignorant of the duties and obligations we owe to our Savior and King, and yet, they apparently have yet to notice that Hispanics are departing the faith in numbers that aren't any fewer than us anglos.

Regardless of what race we are, we just want the Church to be the Church: to provide the sacraments in their fullness and to guide us on the path that leads us to salvation rather than "accompany" us on the path that leads us to perdition. And yet, when they're told - and presented objective evidence - that they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing, they get all angry and defensive and exclaim; "Crisis?? What crisis? Everything's great!!" Hirelings.


Joseph Ostermeir said...

Thanks for the comment Andrew. Its really mystifying. I mean a nation has a right to deport illegal immigrants. It has a right to legally say you need to be a citizen or have legal permission to be here or else you are breaking the law. I'm pretty sure the Bible says somewhere we must obey the government and the law. That said, Im finally ordering my red Make America Great Hat off ebay. You can get one for just a few bucks.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Joseph. FWIW, I'll offer a decade tonight for your continued recovery....that your health will be great again. :-)