Saturday, September 30, 2017

St John Fisher's Tulsa. May it Rest in Peace

The Tulsa Chapel in Tulsa was recently dissolved.  Please pray for the former members (40+ souls) who are still in shock and mourning.  Many have been there for decades.

It started the Latin Mass Movement in the Diocese in Tulsa.   I blogged about it's history recently.

The history of the Latin Mass in the Tulsa Diocese goes something like this:

St. Rita Chapel at Cascia Hall -->

A "Garage Chapel" -->

Mass in Hotel Conference Rooms.    -->

Built a small church near the Broken Arrow Reservoir -->

1988 Consecration --> Chapel split

Latin Mass at St. Anne's Capuchin-Franciscan parish in Broken Arrow, said by Fr. Norbert Karava (I remember attending) -->

Msgr. Mark said the Mass for the new "Community of St. Peter" at Holy Family Cathedral -->

Fr. Jackson, FSSP and Bishop Slattery establish the quasi-parish of The Parish of St. Peter, sharing St. Augustine's in north Tulsa -->

Becomes Most Precious Blood Parish with their own church out by Chandler park (great place to boulder btw)

SSPX acquires larger church in Tulsa (1995) -->

SSPX sells the church, leaves Tulsa 2017

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  1. I noticed a bunch of new faces at Most Precious Blood this weekend. It would be great to have these folks come and attend.