Thursday, September 14, 2017

Okie Trad Cats: a NEW Catholic Forum!

Are you a Catholic who loves our Church's tradition?  Find it hard to find people like that to connect with in your daily life? Are turned off by the typical way online Catholic forums devolve into groupthink and incivility?

Are you by chance also, like myself, an Okie?  And someone, also like myself, who attends the Traditional Latin Mass?


Are you also fatigued by the disunity between traditional Catholics, due to differences we allow to fractionate us between and within our own Latin Mass parishes or chapels?   Would you appreciate a place where Trad Cats can frankly but civilly discuss our differences Re the Crisis, but at the same time focus on our shared Faith as fellow traditional Catholics? Look no further.

             I give you....

          CLICK BELOW:

        Okie Trad Cats Forum

Really Okie Trad, ANOTHER Catholic forum?  Well the idea just hit me tonight sitting in my Okie Armchair.  What entered my mind's eye, as it were, was a cyber network of traditional Catholics/Catholicism across the state of Oklahoma.  To focus at the microcosm level of the Local Church. To unite Okie Catholics and beyond who very much love orthodoxy and Catholic tradition.  Imagine that. A connection of Oklahoman Traditional Catholic Blogs (we already have at least three:  The Okie Traditionalist, The Hirsch Files, and The Catholic Gentleman), an Okie-based Catholic forum, perhaps a newsfeed website (modelled after the Drudge Report and Canon 212).  Spread through Facebook.  The mind's the limit.

This Okie Traditional Catholic Blogosphere Network would not be officially affiliated with either of the two Dioceses in Oklahoma, but would be a place for the laity to talk and network, in accord with Canon law, and at some point following the guidance of priests.

Imagine that.  I would wonder if my own Okie bishop would be listening.  This thing could become well known in both the OKC and Tulsa Diocese.

So Please SHARE on Facebook, other Blogs and Forums, and by email.

I'll sticky a link to the Forum in the corner of this blog and see how it goes.  Worst case I take it down.  Or it could be a more relatively quiet hub for Okie Catholics...OR who knows, it might really take off. 

The Forum Mission Statement:

Read the Mission Statement HERE.   In a nutshell, the Forum's purpose is to unite Catholics in the bifold unity of the Faith and the Church.  Including unity in Catholic Tradition.  A place for Okie Catholics, especially trads.  A microcosm of the Universal Church, and the world.  A way to unite the Okie Traditional Catholic Community, to lift up our Local Church.  A Catholic forum, well moderated with a few simple rules strictly enforced, that cuts through the groupthink and incivility, but helps us to become better Catholics.

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