Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Hirsch Files: a Must Read!

I want to recommend my readers once again to frequent the informative, entertaining, and well-written blog of my Trad Blogger colleague, none other than the Bloggermeister of bloggermeisters, Laramie Hirsch over at the Hirsch Files.

He and I haven't made time to hang out for a while, or collaborate like we use to about our blogging hobby. From time to time I do peek in on his daily labor of love, and am delighted to see how well he sustains his zeal and energy for the subject matters he most writes about.  

For some time now, he has zeroed in his focus more and more on matters of faith, for the Catholic, as an advocate for strength and courage in fighting the culture war.

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Hirsch has a talent for writing, of which I will never come close in a long shot. If this were high school sports, he would be senior varsity, and I would be freshman JV. 

The man has a gift for research, reasoning, and articulation.  His knowledge of politics, history, and current events is stellar.  I'm lucky if I keep up with some latest headlines in yahoo news, or can sketch out in my mind the simple basics of Western civilization.

Some people do not like to read the Hirsch Files. Laramie can be offensive.  Laramie can be very cynical.  Laramie can take online squabbles in the blogosphere and forums to new heights of analysis.  So be it. His style is not for everyone.  

But for the record, I have enjoyed enough campfires and cigars with the man to know he is a gentleman who, in his own unique way, is devoted to using his blog to promote Catholic truth.

Kudos Hirsch!

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