Friday, November 11, 2016

We've Gotta Celebrate Our Victory, AND Take Pleasure in Their Defeat!

For me, election night was, while exhausting, one of the best nights of my life!!! Praise the Living God!!!!  A bona fide miracle!  I could't believe it.  What a privilege to witness an exact moment in our country's history where God Himself seemed to intervene to tip the scales at least in the direction of the Social Kingship of Christ.  One person beat the odds against the Establishment, like David vs. Goliath.

Te Deum's are being sung across social media by traditional Catholics. A major battle in this culture war was won, and the enemy is showing the horror of their humiliating defeat, like demons screaming in terror as they spiral down into hell.

dore+david+goliath.jpg (500×300)

David holding up the Head of Goliath

But Where is the Celebration??

The day after the election was a bit mystifying for me here in conservative, bible-thumping Oklahoma (65% voted for Trump).   It was a bit of an echo chamber, the only noise I heard coming from bitter, liberal sore losers.  What deafening silence from the conservatives in my own state, knowing what a historic, monumental victory conservative America had the night before.  Nary a smile or knowing glance from my fellow Okie, let alone any hoots or hollers.

Its gotta be Fear.  Fear of letting any liberal at your work, school, or marketplace know that you're a red-blooded conservative, a true-believing Christian.  I'll admit, I feel that fear.  We've become culturally conditioned by political correctness to be afraid of openly being who we are in public, because--until now at least--they have devised ways of undermining our socio-economic status if we do.

Our fear needs to come to an end!

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Now is the time! President-Elect Trump, with all his flaws, is our proven leader and hero in rising above political correctness and fear.  One self-funded maverick stood up against all the Powers-that-Be, and on behalf of the common man, got elected to Presidency.  We, the anti-Establishment, need to follow his lead.

My hope is we traditionalist conservatives will seize this historic, divinely-appointed moment to rise up and fear no more.  To 1000% celebrate the victory of Trump and the American People over liberals and liberalism.  To set aside once and for all any scruples to celebrate God's punishment of these anti-American, pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, anti-Catholic Nazi Traitors of our country.  Pray for them, evangelize them, have hope for them, but treat them for what they are, sworn enemies who want us dead, or worse, to not even exist.

Did not David cut off the head of Goliath and hold it up in celebration that an Enemy of God's People was defeated?  When the Allied Forces took Germany to end World War II, did they not rightly break out the champagne to celebrate Hitler's death?

20f88127f43e95155822618e7b222d93.jpg (236×148)

Before Political Correctness turned us into Zombies

So let us reclaim our human nature and once again hold our heads high, tell people we are happy Trump won and will Make America Great Again, wear our Trump hats when we run up the street for groceries, and stop taking shit from the godless, liberals.

The next phase of the culture war has just begun, with President-Elect Trump at the helm!  Te Deum!

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