Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Retired Tulsa Bishop--+ Edward Slattery--Helps Celebrate Traditional Latin Mass in Tulsa Cathedral

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Retired Bishop of Tulsa, Bishop Edward Slattery:

Tonight, the Diocese of Tulsa, especially the Catholic faithful devoted to the Traditional Mass, got a spiritual booster shot in the arm from their recently retired bishop--Bishop Edward Slattery--helping to celebrate the Ancient and Venerable Roman Rite at the Cathedral, on behalf of All Souls.  The FSSP pastor was the celebrant; the Bishop sat in choir and gave the homily.

Curiously, the Cathedral website only announced a Novus Ordo for this evening at the local cemetery LINK.  Even its Sunday bulletin made no mention of the Latin High Mass (LINK).  It took a phone call by an Okie Traditionalist Correspondent to the cathedral's secretary to confirm that His Excellency would in fact be participating in this public Traditional Mass where, until just recently, he was Chief Pastor.

As discussed here (LINK), Bishop Slattery has been one of the rare bishops actively promoting the Traditional Latin Mass, and the first American bishop to start saying Mass Ad Orientem every Sunday in his cathedral.   As sitting bishop, he often said the Tridentine rite of his own accord at the cathedral and elsewhere, not only as a courtesy to several Latin Mass communities he actively founded over the last 2 decades.

Bishop Slattery said Mass Ad Orientem ("Facing East") Every Sunday

My Thoughts:

You might (rightly) call me a Hard-core Traditionalist, yet my heart-strings can't help but pull tightly longing for the relatively "good 'ol days" of Tradition-minded Bishop Slattery, not unlike my relative yearning for retired Pope Benedict XVI.

Yet, how can we Okie Trads not observe (with the media, by the way) that the conciliar church has plunged itself into a deeper Revolution since the election of Pope Francis?   Is there not a systematic plan (the "Francis Effect") in place from the Top-Down to implement this new phase of Revolution at the level of each local diocese?  Including that of the Diocese of Tulsa??

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Do you recall how recently the newly ordained/installed bishop of Tulsa--Bishop David Konderla--shut down the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, a priestly Society of Exorcists saying exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass?  LINKLINK.... a Religious Community, mind you, founded by his Predecessor, and Bishop of Tulsa for over 20 years.  

Someone needs to make sure these traditional Catholic priests were not silently SNUFFED out.

So, why did +Slattery help celebrate the Latin Mass tonight in the Cathedral?

To me, his action objectively speaks for itself:  that even under new Francis-appointed Episcopal leadership in Tulsa, the Venerable Tradition of our Catholic Church remains, even here in the Protestant Heartland of Oklahoma.  And Bishop Slattery's presence and commitment to Tradition continues!

If things in Tulsa get worse, +Slattery's presence might help protect the Latin Mass and those attached to it;  or might we hope and pray that Bishop Konderla and his Presbyteral Council might become convinced of our Catholic Tradition by the holy example of the retired bishop?  i.e. Bishop-Emeritus Slattery of Tulsa, OK.  


  1. I saw your post linked from elsewhere. This is not fully accurate. I was present at the Mass; Bp. Slattery was only in the choir, although he did offer a homily. It was offered by Fr. Define, FSSP.

    It's no secret that the Bp. loves the Traditional Mass. He also mentioned that Bp. Konderla is thankful the Fraternity is in Tulsa.

    1. "He also mentioned that Bp. Konderla is thankful the Fraternity is in Tulsa."

      Then I would say that it's up to Bishop Konderla to come out and to say himself that he cherishes the FSSP.

      I would also ask Bishop Konderla, should he read this, to perhaps make a public statement as to the value of the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as the necessity of it in our times.

      I also ask him to explain the motivations behind what he did to the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother--an act that caught a lot of us off guard.

  2. Thx. I'll edit it to read "participated in choir and gave homily." I guess the cathedral secretary was misinformed that Slattery would be the celebrant.

    I hope it's really true Konderla is thankful for the FSSP. A sign of that would be learning the TLM so he can say Mass at their parish.

    Time will tell...

  3. i just want to ask if you would know who took down the youtube video of that mass in the BNSIC 7-8 years ago. I hope someone has a copy to re upload it . thank you and God bless

    1. Hello Pierre, apologies for the delay. No clue, but if anyone knows where to get a copy of the Mass, let us know!