Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Guess: Tomorrow Pope Francis will Extend SSPX Faculties to Hear Confessions

Its Sunday evening and the sun is going down on a tranquil Fall weekend.  But my sympathetic nervous system just kicked in reading reports on Rorate Coeli and Fr. Z that something is coming tomorrow from Pope Francis, in a document, that may mention the SSPX.  LINK

As regular readers may know, I predicted an Accord in the near future. LINK

I'm just a Joe Blow Okie, with no special access to ecclesiastical information, but my method is deduction and common sense, combined with a bit of statistical analysis and online information.  So here goes.

Statistics_2.jpg (1548×1240)

The Possibilities:

1. Francis does not mention the SSPX.  Unlikely.  Their ordinary faculties for confession will expire tomorrow.  He wants unity in the Church, and is trying to "reconcile" the Society.  Not renewing those faculties would be a step backward, and nothing on the blogosphere these last several months indicates SSPX-Vatican relations are sliding backward.  If anything, reports suggest an imminent accord in the foreseeble future.  Going one day beyond the Year of Mercy without renewing those faculties doesn't make any sense to me.

2. Francis will regularize the Society tomorrow.  Doubly unlikely.  Just a few weeks ago a Rorate Coeli reporter (a priest) interviewed Bishop Fellay who:

"described the current arrangements as 'almost ready' and one of 'fine tuning,' his demeanor and expression exuding confidence and serenity... but...with the matter of Vatican II "there's still some need of clarification." LINK

3. Faculties to Hear Confessions extended.  Likely.  Francis assured Fellay in a recent 2016 meeting of this.  Fellay asked about allowing other sacraments, like celebrating the Mass, and Francis said that was also a possibility.

This is all conjecture.  But what times we are living in.  The Cubs win the world series. Trump is elected president. And tomorrow the SSPX...???


  1. You called it, good sir. Congratulations!

  2. Thx Bloggermeister. There's a lot more to SSPX-Rome relations than most people are aware. For example, Bishop Fellay was given direct permission some time ago for the Society to ordain priests. If its bishops can licitly ordain, and its priests licitly absolve sins, then one would have to conclude that at least on some level they have ordinary jurisdiction, and the laity can attend their chapels without scruples.