Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Calling All Okie Traditionalists!

Ruminatin' and Reflectin' about this Blog:

fence-sitting-cowboys.jpg (600×402)

Late last night, while puffing on a cigar and sipping my usual diet Coke with rum, I enjoyed a conversation with my fellow Okie Trad Blogger Laramie Hirsch (HIRSCH FILES), ruminating and reflecting on what seems to have become a natural evolution for this here blog.  And so I wanted to tell ya'll I've decided to use in part this hobby of mine--The Okie Traditionalist Blog--to express one emphatic Voice on behalf of Traditional Catholics here in Oklahoma.

I'm especially reaching out directly to you clear-minded, un-apologetically traditional Catholics who have at least an IOTA of courage and desire to have a public Voice against the Great Apostasy in our own Local Church.

Okie Traditionalists in the Novus Ordo Back Pew:

I also want to befriend all those faithful Okie Catholics Sitting on the Fence about Catholic Tradition, what to think about a Pope Francis or his newly appointed Tulsa Bishop, let alone Vatican II or the Novus Ordo Mass.

Crunchin' the Numbers:

I'd estimate there are about 750 explicitly Traditionalist Catholics here in Oklahoma, spanning two dioceses, 5 Latin Mass parishes, a monastic community, and two convents.

But get this, there's about 300,000 Catholics in Oklahoma.  3.8 million Okies...8% Catholic...my conservative estimate 20% "practicing" = 60,000 regular Mass attendees.  If just 5% of those were so inclined to believe and practice the Faith as our ancestors always did, that would mean there are:

3000+ would-be traditional Catholics spread out across the state of Oklahoma!

I know this disenfranchised group very well, as I've spent years in solidarity riding the Back Pew with these Salt-of-the-Earth folks at Novus Ordo parishes, toting our Sunday missals dressed in proper Sunday dress.  If I had a dollar for every time I experienced Dry Heaves witnessing the typical sacrileges of the Novus Ordo, I could sit down at my local diner and order up my favorite steak and eggs.

Chartres+Cross.jpg (640×480)

My Fellow Trads in Eastern Oklahoma:

Over the years, I've hobnobbed on the hilly Eastern side of this Ranching, Oil-derrick-producing, Bible-thumbing state with very devoted traditional Catholics living near the monks of Clear Creek monastery, in Tulsa at St. Peter and Paul parish, Most Precious Blood Parish (FSSP), and the Society of St. Pius X Chapel.

My Fellow Trads in Western Oklahoma:

Likewise, in the West where the dirt turns red, I've worshiped with Trads at the FSSP, SSPX, and Queen of Angels Chapel (recently closed after pastor retired). Recently, I shared my A+ impressions of one vibrant Latin Mass parish in OKC: :
St. Michael's Chapel.

3904112_orig.jpg (600×800)

For a Short Overview and History of the Traditional Movement here in Oklahoma, I also wrote a bit here, when I started this blog back in June:  CLICK.

For Love of the Church, with No Bitterness:

So I feel I share your Voice.  Our Voice is not one of bitterness, intemperate anger, unbridled chatter, nor neglected respect for Episcopal Authority, but rather one of deep love for our Church.

I leave you with this final thought.  What if we Okie Trads could, while maintaining our individual traditionalist communities, UNITE in defending Catholic Tradition across the Heartland?  If not in the flesh, then at least together in spirit!

To set aside FEAR and SILENCE and instead share our VOICE, respectfully to members of the Hierarchy when need be, as lay Catholics and Confessors of the True Faith!

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Viva Cristo Rey!

As Always, the Comment Box is Open!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Standing in Line for Confession

Have you ever felt the torture of endlessly waiting in line for confession?  Did you ever feel the temptation to be impatient at the woman who spent 15 minutes with the priest, while a dozen people wait in line, only to come out smiling oblivious to the situation?

Such was my pre-confession penance today as I dropped into a local, urban parish for Saturday afternoon confession, thinking I'd beat the crowd and be on my way. No such luck.  A seemingly clever crowd had already quickly formed.  Each penitent was in the confessional for at least 5-10 minutes, and I was around #8 in line.  I couldn't help but do the math.

confession.jpg (2300×1213)

I think I have enough empirical evidence from many very similar experiences over the years waiting in line for confession, to observe a pattern.  I don't have X-ray vision, but I'd bet a weeks wage that most people are sitting down with Father face-to-face for a spiritual chat/counseling session.  There's a pressing voice from my subconscious that tries to interrupt my prayers in the confession line.  It says "What is going on?  Why is the priest himself taking so long?  Confess # and kind, and receive a few words of advise, because there's a lot of people out here."  But then it subsides long enough to remember why I am there in the first place--to confess my sins and do penance.

penance_confession_steps.jpg (437×385)

If I had a dollar for every time I showed up quite early-ish for confession, but even after waiting 45 minutes the priest emerges saying "Sorry I need to start Mass," it would be enough to pay this months Netflix bill.

It can be an added penance too sometimes hearing the response, or should I say non-response, of the priest when I confess grave sins.  I'll confess acts that could objectively damn my soul for all eternity, and I get a "Ok, that's very good.  For your penance say one Our Father and one Hail Mary, and go in peace."  Um, ok.

But today I was humbled when I knelt down in confession, when it was Father, and not me, who kept it going for 5-10 minutes.  He gave nothing but Church teaching and spiritual admonition.  And so I realized that the probable reason it had taken the better part of an hour wasn't because of whiny Catholics seeking free therapy, but because this good, faithful priest was trying to save our souls.

What is the Lesson learned?  Get to confession as early as possible to beat the crowd?  Perhaps.  Bear the weird, snail-like pace as a form of penance?  Yes. Confession lines in the modern Church are suffering from the same dysfunction?  That's obvious.

No, the lesson I took home was that no matter how nutty or dysfunctional the experience, what matters is Christ's Mercy is alive in the Sacrament of Confession!

Concerns-that-Tony-Blairs-first-catholic-confession-could-be-a-biggie.jpg (350×222)

Yes Joseph, I quite agree!

And so I wish all you Cyber friends a good night!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Last Debate Tonight. What will Happen?

I've got a lot of work to do tonight, but I'm going to have to tune in at least for a while to the last debate between Trump and Hillary.

Since the last debate, embroiled by the "Locker Room" leaked tape, there's been a daily release of damning information about both sides.  An all out mud fight to the end.

Berandal-2.jpg (2048×1360)

A liberal friend today asserted--without any infomation to back up the claim--that Trump started the mud throwing, and Hillary is maintaing focus on the issues.

A sequence of events shows otherwise.  Billy Bush releases the tape--> the media spread it everywherfe --> Anderson Cooper asks Hillary about it in the debate --> she uses it to condemn Trump as unfit for office and an enemy of women.  That is the causal sequence so far.  Following the temporal time line, Trump responded to Hillary AFTER her condemnation with an all out exposure of her immoral support of Bill's ACTUAL sexual violations of women.  That is the sequence.

4267028_orig.jpg (1100×796)

Today I was surprised to learn that the media has largely been ignoring what seems to me to be the biggest scandal in the Clinton camp.  Apparently, her campaign has sponsored an organized effort to cause the violence reported at Trump events.  This is immeasurably more treasonous to the democratic process than Nixon's bugging DNC hotel rooms at Watergate.

Will Trump rise to a level of confidence, clarity, and surgical exposure of Hillary-gate tonight?   I'm still praying Hail Mary's Trump wins.  It'd take prayers for it to happen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog, a Man's Best Friend

My waist line has gotten rather wide these last six months, and so, inspired by coworkers competing with me in a "weight loss" challenge, and by my ongoing low carb lifestyle, I threw the weight loss plan into 5th gear.  Grabbing the dog leash, my dog instantly knew it was time for an outdoor adventure.

So off we went, out the door, down the step, and onto the sidewalk.  Periodically looking down, she looked ecstatic with joy, soaking in the more pleasant temperatures of Fall.  Calling down to her checking how she was doing, she smiled up at me with a warmth and loyalty I must admit I not regularly experience from my fellow Homo sapiens.

man-dogs-best-friend.jpg (950×534)

Did you know dogs are by nature related to humans?  Its in their genetic breeding to be subordinate to us.  They need us, and often we need them.  They perk up and turn their head side to side in wonderment when they notice something curious about us.  When we are down, they intuitively know, peering up at us with sad, puppy dog eyes, jumping on our lap to give us a lick saying "Are you okay?"

My dog is, in a sense, my best friend, or at least she ranks up there as A best friend. She stares at me sometimes in adoration for hours on end from the couch, while I blog away in my armchair on the other side of the room.  She waits in tense anticipation Saturday mornings, hoping I'll take her along for errands. 

I love my dog!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ite Missa Est

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending a Traditional Latin High Mass offered by a diocesan priest in his parish.  I was struck by the solemn way he chanted the last part of the Mass "Ite Missa Est," which in liturgical Latin basically means "Go out on a mission."

The idea is that when the priest dismisses the faithful at the end of Mass (from "Missa" meaning "Mission"), he is commissioning the laity to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the truth of His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church to all the world.

The_Blessing.jpg (374×458)

But I confess this commission perplexes me sometimes given my state of life.  I am not a priest, and I have heavy burdens of career as I carve out my socio-economic niche in the ever emerging Socialist States of America.  I hear one voice saying yes--pray, raise Catholic families, invite people to Mass;  but don't start one-man apostolates!  As in a shadow of doubt being cast on Catholic laymen working to spread the Faith online. On the other hand, traditionally the Church has encouraged that laity to organize lay apostolates to spread the Faith, under the umbrella of "Catholic Action."

9956012_orig.jpg (936×325)

Just consider the wealth of traditional catechesis on the Fish Eaters website, run by a laywoman.  I'd bet a week's wages many traditional priests and parishes use her resources.   Or how about the Remnant newspaper?  I don't think they exactly have the official approval of the local bishop, but I've come across plenty of traditionalist priests (under a diocese) who read the Remnant.

fe2banner.jpg (980×156)


But when do organized efforts of the laity to evangelize directly require the official blessing of the hierarchy?  And how many members of the present hierarchy would actually support efforts to "convert" people to the true Church as our Catholic ancestors did?  How many Catholic men could reasonably get away with trying to directly convert their coworkers, besides perhaps "sharing" their Faith? Secularist forces seem to almost silence us believing Catholics wherever we go.

No_Proselytizing.png (364×281)

When I recall the "Ite Missa Est" at the end of Mass, I am compelled to spread the Faith, but I become bewildered sometimes how to actually go about it!

Any advise?  Share in the Comment section below!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

If Trump Doesn't Win

While the Trump campaign gears up to--hopefully at least--throw a Hail Mary before election day, I'm looking across the football field anticipating the throw won't make it anywhere near the end zone.  And I'm wondering what's next?  How to respond to a "President" Hillary?  How to thwart her political power so she does as little damage as possible?  Maybe there's info that will disqualify her before Inauguration day?  Can Trump uncover the real source of the "Locker Room" Tape leak?

hail-mary.jpg (428×600)

Its Sunday afternoon and my mind is relaxed after Sunday Mass, sitting here in my Okie armchair.  I'll give in and exercise my mental muscles this afternoon for enjoyment, and to vent about the Rigged Election.  Here's some ideas.

1.  Uncover the real source of the tape's leak.  Expose the conspiracy.  Tag it to the Establishment.  Spin Trump's role into some kind of continual leader of the Anti-Establishment movement.  Keep the Trump momentum going long enough to really make cracks in the Two Party Establishment, or at least try.

2. If the Republicans can be shown to be behind the leak, then they broke their promise to Trump to be fair to him.  His agreement would become null and void.  If a loss to Hillary is certain, he could shake things up before November 4th by declaring himself Independent out of protest.  Or contest the election results as rigged and sue the hell out of the GOP/Democrats all the way to the Supreme Court before Hillary takes office.

3. Trump should consider suing Billy Bush and every major news outlet that leaked the tape, while doing everything he can to debunk his accusers.  How could he not win??  A legal win might redeem his image enough to maintain his popularity.

4. As long as Hillary and Bill rule from the White House, release (in a legal way) weekly reports about their past corruption until Hillary is castrated or impeached.

5. Consider a movement to not recognize Hillary's election, if legal grounds can be shown.  If so, let the Tea Party Republicans force impeachment proceedings as soon as she takes office.

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know in the Comments section below.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Billy Bush--Who Leaked the Trump Video--is Jeb Bush's COUSIN! Makes you Wonder.

Trump has been sprinting towards victory these last few months.  But last week a GRENADE was placed in his path just feet from the finish line, by tabloid journalist Billy Bush, almost certainly guaranteeing a Clinton victory and deeper descent into Darkness.

faceplantbig.jpg (636×350)

I'm probably the last person who would spin a conspiracy theory, but there's an interesting fact to this story that begs the question.  It has barely been discussed that Billy Bush is apparently a cousin of....drum roll please....Jeb Bush!

According to Wikipedia,
Billy Bush's uncle (his father's older brother) is George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush, the 43rd President, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush are Billy Bush's cousins.    (LINK)

Do you recall how Jeb was expected to be the Establishment nominee, but when The Donald dominated him in the primaries, he--his mom--and the Bush clan boycotted Trump? And, don't the Bushes have the reputation of being a very powerful oligarchy, a political dynasty, that has manipulated global politics for decades???

So I think the Billy Bush Trump Leak begs the question:

Did the Bushes have anything to do with the release of the Trump Locker Room Tape, decisively delivering the White House to the Clintons?

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Trump should invest however many millions of $$$s it would take to uncover and expose the real source of the leak, before its too late!!!

If (when?) Trump loses, the real story will be what powerful sources conspired to release that tape.  It would manifest all over social media how nearly absolute in power the Establishment really is, whether Democrat or Republican.

If Trump loses, we'll have to consider in what direction we should move.  Try and "fit in" more and more in the Socialist States of America, for socio-economic survival?   Or shift towards more segregation in Catholic, conservative communities, and stand up publicly against the liberal revolution, come what may?

I'm thinking more the latter.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

St. Michael's Latin Mass Chapel--Oklahoma City

An Oasis:

I always find rest and repose visiting this out of the way place of sacred worship built and maintained by Okie Trads since the '80s, devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass.  A highway from midtown OKC takes you due west through the suburb of Bethany, past Nazarene University.  Glance to your left and there's Jim's diner, a frequent place for parishioners after Mass to gather.  Hang a right, then a left, and you're going down a quiet road in a small neighborhood.  It feels like a quiet hamlet in the country.

3904112_orig.jpg (600×800)

Turning the rounded corner a sign greets you which reads "St. Michael's Catholic Chapel, Traditional Latin Mass."  A small quaint, beautiful Spanish-style church makes this spot a surreal oasis.  Just feet from the church door, ducks and geese swim in a picturesque pond, across from which is a house owned by one Mr. John McFarland, an esteemed elder of the parish.  Across the parking lot is the rectory with an inviting garden reserved for parish picnics and festivals.

church4.jpg (640×480)

Remnant newspaper author Brian McCall, Esq., an attorney and law school dean, and St. Michael's parishioner, penned a book on the chapel's history.  Once upon a time, Mr. McFarland, confronted with the Novus Ordo, wrote Cardinal Ottaviani of the then Holy Office in Rome, who wrote back advising him to use his wealth to build a church devoted to preserving the traditional Mass.

Step inside the church, and your traditionalist sensibilities will be embraced--in no uncertain terms--by a courageous plaque on the wall quoting St. Athanasius:

Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ."

The building is in excellent condition, very neat, clean, and well maintained.  You can tell the quality of a building by their restrooms.  Enough said.  Going inside the nave, you can't help but pause to admire magnificent statues, paintings, chandeliers, and high altar.

Take a peak inside, in this video (go to Time 2:20):

A Vibrant Latin Mass Parish in Oklahoma:

Parishioners fill the church for Sunday Mass.  A platoon of weekly-trained, dutiful altar boys accompany the priest as he ascends the altar for the Holy Sacrifice.  The women's choir is bar none the most angelic choir I've ever heard. Gregorian chant and Sacred Polyphony transport you to heavenly realms every Sunday and major Feast Day.

Catechism classes, men's and women's groups, homeschooling coop activities fill each Sunday's bulletin.  If you're visiting OKC on a Saturday, take advantage of the conferences after Mass provided by the priest.  Be sure to bring some dinner to eat during the talk; other's do, its a tradition.  And before leaving town, I highly recommend visiting Bricktown entertainment district in downtown OKC.

For Mass Times, check out their Website:  LINK

Oh, by the way, the priests who serve this parish are members of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.  For more information on their work, visit their website here:  LINK

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rick Delano of the Movie "The Principle"

Today Rick Delano got into a heated exchange with my blogger colleague Laramie Hirsch on Facebook, about the election.  LINK to FB thread  During the thread, Rick plugged his movie "The Principle" saying:

"I happen to have made the only important science doc of the last decade or so"

I've watched parts of Delano's film, and do find it interesting and revealing in places.  It does border on geocentricism which I think tends to be unhinged.  This may remind you of an eccentric online personality who uses the online handle of Cassini, a well-intentioned retired gentleman who wrote a long book on the subject from a Catholic perspective.  He's taken to posting the entire thing in Catholic forums.  It comes across as a scientific kaleidoscope for one man to vent his angst about modern science.

Kaleidoscope_13.jpg (696×641)

Hirsch himself once gave intellectual space for Cassini to express his views after being banned from a Catholic forum:  LINK   Likewise, Hirsch supports Delano's central thesis as commendable--that the Copernican principle is erroneous when it denies any special place of Earth in the cosmos.

So kudos to Delano in producing his documentary "The Principle" to challenge the status quo of modern science.   Modern science has become divorced from natural philosophy--i.e. cosmology--especially the Catholic, scholastic system of thought rooted in St. Thomas Aquinas.  When material causes in the universe become separated from the efficient, formal, and final causes (this is Thomistic-speak), then everything becomes reduced to random, cosmic dust.

aristotles-four-causes.png (654×722)

In my mind Delano's inflated statement doesn't exactly reverse my favorable opinion of his work, but rather I'm a tad bit concerned about his personal attitude towards fellow online Catholic bloggers.

Its not like we little Okie bloggers at present really compare to the online presence of someone like Rick Delano!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton Debate Tonight

11 years ago Trump was recorded in private, behind his back, speaking very lewdly about a married woman.  Listening to the recording, its apparent he was joking in a bragging, locker room kind of way with a guy to impress him.

Conclusion: yes, Trump in the past has been at times a womanizer and said demeaning things about women.

Tonight he takes the stage to battle his opponent "Crooked Hillary" as he calls her, over the Presidency and future of the country.  Hillary has withheld comment on the potentially ruinous Trump tape leak, until tonight.  Trump promises to hit back hard and expose her corruption.

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

Trump needs to undo his weakness from the first debate, as diplomatically and swiftly as possible deal with the leaked tape recording, and keep hitting back 10X harder than Hillary on her political record, the email scandal, her reputation as a liar, and yes if necessary the facts of her husband's sexual scandal that got him technically impeached.

Fellow Trads sitting on the fence whether or not to vote, lend me your ear!  Imagine in 3 months Hillary taking the oath standing with Bill by her side, and within hours a President Hillary and President-Emeritus, First Man Bill taking over the White House again.  To appoint the next Supreme Court justice.  To go above and beyond Obama's revolution to create a Socialist States of America.

160606-clinton-bill-white-house-index.jpg (664×441)

President Hillary + President-Emeritus Bill ?

And then weigh that with having a Trump for president, with all his personal flaws, immediately reversing Obama's executive orders, nominating a pro-life Justice, putting all his energy to "building the Wall,"  protecting the rights of conservative Christians, and waging a One Man War from the Oval Office against Political Correctness.

3.jpg (600×400)

I trust you'll do the right thing!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Stockholm Syndrome in the Latin Mass Movement?

Mysterious Quote:

Recently, I gave my own point of view about the question of traditionalist Catholics criticizing the post-Vatican II popes and hierarchy, in light of the recent tragedy hitting the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. LINKLINK

And then someone in the comments section posted this mysterious quote:

"Who is going to save our Church? Not our Bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church.  Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious."  

Reading it, I thought,
"Where does this quote come from?  Who's the author?  No doubt some fellow Trads may take the quote as being shamefully disrespectful of the hierarchy.  Maybe think it comes from those "Rad Trads" over at the Remnant."

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)

Traditionalist Stockholm Syndrome :

There are certain of my fellow Trads who seem to have succumbed to a kind of "Stockholm Syndrome." There's a specific mode of thought that says, even in a time of grave Church Crisis, Catholics must not openly criticize--at least publicly--the hierarchy...  

7f634e05888db8aaa23a62df0aa5d5a86705622a-1.jpg (1021×763)

...because doing so could anger the bishop and provoke him to persecute trads...that expressing the opinion that a certain bishop is acting against Catholic Tradition is not compatible with the requisite sympathy and loyalty Catholics owe the bishop as a Successor of the Apostles. 

Stockholm Trads, am I off base?  From your point of view, does the person quoted at the top of the post sound to you like a nutty "rad trad"? Have they got things upside down, since the laity are the sheep and the hierarchy the shepherds?  Its not the laity's job to make sure "priests act like priests, bishops act like bishops, and religious act like religious"? 

Lamb-in-the-grass-567099.jpg (590×350)

My Thoughts:

Permit me to give my angle on this Stockholm Syndrome phenomenon in the Latin Mass movement, as I see it from my Okie armchair, before I unveil who said the quote.

I could be wrong, this is just the opinion of one Okie Trad with a blog. But I sense there are many Okie Trads and beyond who already share my point of view--or who are beginning to--considering how the "Francis Effect" is being played out around the world.

The circular reasoning that excludes laity from publicly holding the hierarchy accountable is exactly what enables Modernist Clerics to tear down the Church (cue clerical pedophilia and its decades-long universal cover up).  

A Gag Order to keep SILENT shows a convoluted form of respect for the Office of Bishop and does no good in helping to "save our Church." Its a dysfunctional method that sees its only other alternative to be a break with church authority.  Its a cynical approach that does not consider legitimate, effective organized efforts to build up a "counter-revolution," and yes even within the "diocesan structure." 

The Modus Operandi of Stockholm Syndrome Traditionalism could be summed up: 

Be very, very afraid of the local bishop; if we act too much like traditionalists, he may not permit our Latin Mass, parish, order, convent, etc.  

To me this operating principle betrays a privatized mentality about following Catholic Tradition and the traditional Mass.  It all becomes a private affair of personal preference.  A private concern for a small clique in the diocese. 

The Author of the Quote is...

So without further ado, after google-searching the mysterious quote, I give you the author in question...it is none other than, 

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

e5d5123f76bfd2ab2375d2553a36f825.jpg (153×458)

As always, the Comments box is Open!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Fire on a Stump

The last few Falls we've been burning a fire on a wide tree stump in the backyard.  Beats paying a tree guy who knows how much to remove the stump, plus its become a Fall comfort when the evenings begin to chill.

dd0d145482c3bdd3b087338652947b11.jpg (236×211)

Fire on a Stump

Boy scout skills kick in deciding what style of campfire to build.  A log cabin fire? A teepee fire?  Then there's always building a small teepee inside a big log cabin. Lawn chairs pulled up a yard or so from the warmth, an Ultralight Michelob in hand, we settle down telling old stories while staring into the dancing flames.

cabin.jpg (320×189)

After a while my mesmorized gaze fades to childhood memories of campouts, when I learned to venerate the inner mystery of the campfire.  Years later I'd read John Senior's book The Restoration of Christian Culture, a kind of spiritual blueprint for post-modern Catholics to live a traditional, realist, poetic life in the home.  Senior loved fires.  I don't remember what he said, but it was along the lines of ancient poets pondering the mysteries of life and the universe through this perennial tradition of the fire.  Whether in the fireplace or on top of a tree stump in the backyard.

51UVadKjqRL._SX389_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (391×499)


What do I discover gazing into the flames of the fire?  There is something mysterious, deep, eternal.   I can't help but first think of God in the 3rd Person of the Holy Ghost, who came down on the Apostles and Blessed Virgin Mary at Pentecost in the form of Fire.  Or the great Easter fire lit outside Catholic Churches at the Easter Vigil, reminding us of the spiritual, cleansing fires of our Baptism.

There is more to discover in the flames.  Memories of backpacking trips with my dad (RIP), a yearning for everything that is more natural and poetic in life, the mysteries of energy in the cosmos.

We plan to have another fire Saturday evening.  Maybe I'll break out a little Spirits and a cigar.  When I stare off into its flames, I wonder what other mysteries I will discover.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

First Catholics in Oklahoma

The Five Civilized Tribes had been settled in Oklahoma territory.  Some of the most socio-economically challenged American settlers came to my state to take advantage of the free, albeit rugged land.  The soil was not very rich for crops, but enough to grow alfalfa and hay, with some nice patches for ranching.  Most were Baptists or of similar Evangelical persuasion.

300px-Oklahoma_Land_Rush.jpg (300×162)

And so the Catholic Church, as it has always done, ventured onto new soil to evangelize and spread the true Religion.  I'm throwing out some details I recall from Fr. James White's book that covers a lot about of Okie Catholic history. Since this is a blog, and not an academic journal, I'm not being very exact with my factoids, but with the gist of the story about the original Catholics here in the Heartland.

155a79cae221106f0fb76e578f53d141.jpg (300×327)

The first mission church was run by Benedictine monks in the central part of the state, until their monastery burned to the ground and they had to rebuild a bit to the south. Schools for Indians were opened.  Of the first missionaries, there were a couple very young Beligum priests (brothers) in their mid 20s who ran a "Mass circuit" on horseback.  Imagine the courage and ingenuity these two must have had to help spread the Church from town to town, while braving the hazards and elements of nature.

Since there were so few Catholics, naturally Mass for a while could not be said in an official church.  Imagine all the Okie towns where a Catholic church would be built, how for many years they had to be served by Mass circuit priests saying Mass in people's homes.   Even if Mass had to be said under a tree, what mattered was the Mass, the sacraments, the teachings of the Church, and pastors guiding souls.

wpid-2013-0629-0125-900x599.jpg (900×599)

And so it is today in the Catholic Church of Oklahoma.  The environment and people are still rough as ever--add to that the modernism in the mainstream Church--but in that simple, roughness the ground is fertile enough for a humble turning (or re-turning) to the Apostolic Faith.

Like the first Okie Frontier Catholics, a remnant of traditional Catholics in this state endeavor, by their example of fidelity to the Church's perennial tradition, to help regrow the Local Church.  Priests committed to Tradition reaching out in extraordinary ways, making do with their limited resources and support.  Faced with an adverse environment, they spread the true Mass and Faith.

The early days of Church history in Oklahoma read as an inspiring trial.  The Faith of our Okie Fathers can inspire us Okie Trads to carry on, helping to "restore all things to Christ."  One Latin Mass parish, chapel, monastery, convent, priory, etc at a time!

Happy Wednesday my Online Friends, and Fellow Okie Trads!  Just 2 more days 'til the weekend!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

How Can Traditionalist Catholics Criticize the Hierarchy?

How Can Traditionalist Catholics Criticize the Hierarchy?

Michael Voris, et al have been insisting, since the infamous Synod on the Family, to not criticize the pope.  The bishops yes, but not the pope.  E. Michael Jones or a "Catholic in Brooklyn" blogger type go further, insisting to not criticize the bishops period.

misconception-hierarchy.png (579×347)
                              An INVERTED Conciliar Hierachy 

On the contrary, when Catholic priorities become universally and systematically inverted throughout the institutional Church, such that the Cult of God subtly morphs into a Cult of Man, then we know the organizational forces in the hierarchy--oriented vertically by divine design--have become reversed in a downward direction.

Distortion of the Title of Pope as "The Servant of the Servants of God":

Romano Amerio, in his 1000 page book on changes in the Catholic Church in the 20th Century, highlighting the Vatican II conciliar reform in the Church, pointed out the irony of convoluting one title for pope: "The Servant of the Servants of God." (Iota Unum).  He argues its meaning has become inverted.  Traditionally, this title signifies the Pope as the Chief of Servants God, with the bishops under him also being Servants of God.  The conciliar misrepresentation of the title instead portrays the pope as chiefly servant of the bishops, who themselves chiefly serve the priests, who themselves chiefly serve the "People of God."

With that mindset, its not surprising when the conciliar hierarchy becomes INVERTED.  What was always held most important (God) now becomes least important.  What is now deemed "most important" is the divine-like dignity of man in all his earthly splendor.

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It would take a historian and master of theology to adequately disentangle this convolution, but its Saturday night here in Oklahoma and I'm enjoying the late hours of evening, so what the heck, I'll give it an amateur's shot from my Okie Armchair.

Before Vatican II:

Before Vatican II, the monarchical constitution of the hierarchy was practically preserved.  The Pope acted chiefly as God's visible representative and Guardian of the Faith, leading everyone beneath him in the hierarchy upwards to Christ in heaven.  Going down the ladder, each bishop did the same for his local flock.

After Vatican II:

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But after the Revolution took over almost every nook and cranny throughout the Universal Church, a diabolic and systematic reorientation took place.  Remember, this happened before in the Early Church with Arianism.

The pope has surrendered most of his rights and supreme authority to a collegial system.  The pope now in servile fashion must follow ever-plotting Vatican bureaucrats.   For trads, this is an established fact in plain sight.  Among some trads however, there's confusion whether or not we can actually discuss this in the public sphere.

Going down the conciliar hierachy--or rather UP the inverted hierarchy--the Vatican becomes subordinate to the National Conference of Bishops, who rule over national diocese's with a psychological tyranny.  Their protocols and guidelines are handed down to each local bishop as if they were law (they aren't). Its mind control from the national level.

In turn, the local bishop becomes obliged to invert the divine, hierarchical order of his own local church, answering to a "presbyteral council" that 99% of the time is progressivist.  

Following the inversion downward, or rather diabolically upward, the parish priest becomes subordinate to the parish council which designs the liturgy and social ethos of parish life.  What the parish council must answer to are the families who expect a "faith community" that is pleasant and socially nurturing for their children, regardless of orthodoxy or adherence to Church tradition.

Lastly, we have the parents over their children, or rather under their children.  The old model (2,000 year old model) of Catholic parenthood forming children to become saints, has been replaced everywhere by the liberal worship of children. Its the error of the Enlightenment French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau that man is born entirely innocent, and is most pure in the state of an undeveloped child.  That sentiment rules over modern parents' minds.  The absolute, preciousness of little children becomes the supreme ideal.


When today's Hierarchy becomes inverted, such that in a very real, practical, and universal way:

Children rule over Parents...who rule over Priests...who rule over Bishops..who rule over Popes..who at times even rule over Christ introducing heretical provisions (cue Pope Francis' official allowance for Divorced-and-Remarried-without-Annulment Catholics to receive Holy Communion), then, drumroll please...

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YES, of course, you're darn tootin', every Catholic has a right to publicly criticize if not also resist modernist bishops, or even a modernist pope!