Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Acceptance Speech

Trump's Acceptance Speech

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Let me first throw out 3 things I loved about the speech:

1. Trump's nationalistic passion.  "America First" he says.  Which rings true.  If government authentically serves those citizens in most need of help (the poor, women, children, elderly, sick, minorities), then it must focus first on taking care of Americans before it can take care of the World.

2. It was unifying!  Hardly a protest, a virtual unanimous embrace of the The Donald for President.  And consider this, if Tens of Millions have gathered around Trump's campaign forming a verifiable, anti-Establishment/Nationalist movement, and if now the GOP is in fact unifying around this current Leader of American Conservativism, then in fact the Republican Party is/will embrace Trump's vision.

3. It laid out clearly his platform.   A successful tactician can't show the cards in his hands in order to outmaneuver his political opponents, which is why Trump hasn't and shouldn't give minuscule details.  BUT he did clearly lay out his Plan of Care, his short-term and long-term goals.

That said, I have a couple criticisms.

1. The speech was a bit monotone and too rehearsed. Teleprompters are not Trump's thing.  I get it, a formal acceptance of the nomination warrants a certain degree of preparedness and formality.  BUT, imo, a key element in Trump's success or failure between now and November, will be "being himself."  So far no matter what he says or how he says it, despite subsequent media attacks, his reputation as a potential President just keeps getting bigger.  Just let Trump be himself!

2. He seemed to miss the mark on key social conservative issues like abortion or religion.  I get it, he's secured the pro-lifers and needs to attract more Sanders independents, but God-willing in the months and years ahead, he will experience more enlightenment about matters of faith and Christian culture.

Anyway, the next 4 months will be entertaining.  15 rounds of Trump vs. Clinton! I predict a Trump win, based on his campaigning genius so far.

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