Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donald Trump

After months of eager anticipation of the Republican National Convention, wondering if Trump will really in the end get the nomination, the presumptive nominee has finally walked the stage as the only candidate left.

So from here on out, we'll have 3 choices:  1. Don't Vote,  2.  Vote for Trump,  or 3. Vote for Hillary.

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One day perhaps (today?) some Super Power Search Engine will scan this post, tag it to me in real life, and cause me some socio-economic strife of some sorts, but here it is folks:

I support Donald Trump for President!  He's a sincere patriot beholden only to the voter, and conservative enough for me to vote for.

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Imagine what 2017 might look like.  No doubt the Slouch Towards Gomorrah will continue (Bork's Book), but its the Jam in our Bread that will keep us sane.  

Imagine a President Trump building the Wall, leading the culture war against political correctness from the White House, and going on a spree firing all the Obama appointees.  

Imagine on the ecclesiastical stage the Society of St. Pius X accepted AS IS by the Vatican, and given an official structure as a Personal Prelature.  What a sight it will be to see these holy Priests wage war within the offficial structures of liberal dioceses, yet build anti-modernist coalitions in the more conservative dioceses.

The point is we traditionalist, conservative, patriotic traditionalist Catholics might get some good old-fashioned refreshment or relief from the heat of the time we're living in.  

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Then again, I could very well be wrong.


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