Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eve of an SSPX-Vatican Accord!!??

A few days ago, it seems the District Superiors of the Society of St. Pius X had an "Extraordinary General Chapter" in Europe to discuss a Vatican proposal for canonical recognition!

Bishop Fellay's Communique

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The way I see it, here is what we may reasonably conclude deductively--->>>  

#1  If an "Extraordinary Chapter" of the SSPX was in fact convened, it is safe to assume it was to consider a Roman proposal...

#2  Since a) Society-Rome negotiations have evolved into a new, opening phase under Pope Francis, and b) In the "hot summer" of 2012, an "Extraordinary Chapter" was convened for this purpose, stipulating a future meeting of Superiors would be required before signing on the dotted line.  The other central criterion was for Rome to admit their right to criticize doctrinal errors in Vatican II documents.

#3  If a new Roman proposal IS NOT accepting the Society AS IS--i.e. DROPPING the "accept all of Vatican II" requirement--then paying Tens of Thousands of $$s for airfare, and spending days of intercontinental travel for 20+ leaders to Europe, even if it were to simply make a UNITED PUNT of an unacceptable proposal back to Rome, seems implausible.

#4  Therefore, +Fellay called this meeting because a Vatican proposal IS now acceptable from the standpoint of the Society's doctrinal positions/practical requirements.  
#5   The District Superiors have generally been very supportive of +Fellay's leadership.  If a new Roman proposal is in fact accepting the Society AS IS, then the 2012 requirements are met, and the "Experiment of Tradition" is a GO.
#6   Ergo...drum roll please...        maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)...


Fair conclusion??

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Prognostication from My Okie Armchair

A few trad friends have recently expressed dismay over this likelihood, which I find interesting since none of them would describe themselves as 100% on board with the SSPX.

So here are my own personal predictions from my armchair this humid Oklahoma evening.   My reinforced impetus comes from the recently released letter of Fr. Schmidberger, SSPX, a leader in the Society ranks, and former Superior General, preparing Society leadership for a canonical Agreement.

You can read it here:  http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2016/04/considerations-schmidberger-letter.html

A Paradigm Shift

IF/WHEN the decades-long-awaited Accord finally happens, I expect that a Major Paradigm Shift will occur both in the traditional Latin Mass movement, but also within the mainstream Church.  For the former, I can see Ecclesia Dei trad groups like the Fraternity of St. Peter more closely aligning with the Society and on some level its doctrinal stance on Vatican II/New Mass/Conciliar reform.  If I am right, "The Francis Effect," culminating in this Accord, would consequently result in many traditionalists and conservative Catholics of different stripes finding more common ground and action.

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(Traditional priests speaking at a recent Catholic Family conference--diocesan, FSSP, Institute, and SSPX)

At the same time, I would expect a major shift in the public consciousness of the mainstream hierarchy and laity.  Recognition of the Society, with  official permission for it to ATTACK the conciliar errors, would result in serious public discussions about the current state of the Church, from diocese to diocese.  Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass may be openly discussed and reconsidered by many.

Spiritual Army Unleashed

More and more bishops like Cardinal Burke or Bishop Athanasius Schneider will come out of the wood work. They already are.  Lines will be made more clear and evident between the Friends of the Church (what Pope St. Pius X called "the traditionalists"), and its Enemies (what he called "the modernists and liberals").

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God's spiritual army will be more openly released onto the battlefield of the mainstream, conciliar Church.

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Perhaps a minority of laity or even priests in the Society will voice reservation. Endless conundrums will present themselves, not unlike Frodo perilously but necessarily making his way to Mount Doom.  

2Zomx.jpg (1676×898)Society priests will have to learn new methods of spreading Catholic Tradition within the official diocesan structure.  Coalitions would develop in more conservative dioceses, while battles will be waged in the more liberal dioceses.  It will be a sight to see.

Putting aside my Magic Ball, I for one hope to see an inaugural introduction of the great works of the SSPX, through an official structure, to more vigorously spread Catholic Tradition from diocese to diocese!!

To allow an "Experiment of Tradition," as Archbishop Lefebvre called for!


Oremus!  Let us pray!


  1. I hope an accord with the SSPX is reached soon. If and when that happens, I expect events to unfold pretty much as you describe here.

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  3. Thanks for the reply Roscoe. Like your first name!

    I for one would be overjoyed to see the SSPX and FSSP work together on some level.

    Interesting time we're living in.

  4. I don't think that sentence, or any part of yesterday's communique "in itself," indicates one way or the other if there will be an accord, unless we read into it. I am just taking the statement for face value what it says. Their primary goal is not a canonical agreement, to keep the Faith the errors must be denounced, and the return of Tradition to the whole Church will require a pope committed to Tradition.

    But I could conjecture this statement is again another "clarification" so the Pope, Vatican, Universal Church, and SSPX to be perfectly clear that IF their is an accord, it is not a "primary" goal of the SSPX, but rather denouncing the conciliar errors.

    Its like saying, "Ok Vatican, all the Superiors met, and to be again perfectly clear, with or without your approval, we will continue to fight the conciliar errors."

    But I could very well be wrong. We will see in the months ahead.

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    1. But thanks for the comment David.

      I hope you'll follow my blog. I saw you have blogs yourself. Which one would you recommend following?

  6. You know me, Joe. I'm sort of a realist about things. I'm willing to bet, based on past behavior from the Ecclesia Dei community, that the Society members and the laity who frequent their chapels--that they will be treated like black sheep, and passive-aggressively ridiculed in different ways.